Fabric-Wrapped Tin Can – Recycle!

I am so excited to be sharing this recycled project with you today – these were seriously so much fun to make!  Fabric-wrapped tin cans will soon become your newest obsession!  Start saving up your tin cans people!! I got this cute cart from IKEA that I’d been eying forever!  I needed some storage options […]

Save Your Toilet Paper Rolls!

 Yes, RECYCLE them!   Ironically, the day I’m made these, my little 1yr old decided it would be fun to unravel the whole TP roll in my bathroom!  This all occurred while I was trying to get ready for my Studio 5 segment that you can watch HERE for a brief tutorial on these toilet […]

Ombre Painted Frame Directions

. Here is another take on the DIY Ombre Frame from Paint Sticks. I got a request to make one in aqua blue and I must say, I am a fan!  I stuck an old wedding photo in of my hubby and me!  Awe!! This is pretty self-explanatory, but I did take a few photos […]

Trendy Fingerless Gloves Tutorial:

FYI: I was 5 months prego during this taping! I’ve been seeing them everywhere: Trendy, Fingerless Gloves. Here is a pair you can make from a pair of socks. I found these socks at Target for $2. I tried them on and measured how high I wanted them above my wrist, then cut: I then […]

Shirt Cuff Bracelet – TUTORIAL

If you clean out your closet soon, preparing for fall clothes, don’t give away those old blouses and button-up shirts!! Recycle them into cuff bracelets! Here’s what you’ll need: Blouse/Button-up Shirt (if you don’t have one you want to cut up, the DI or thrift stores have really funky ones!) Liquid Stitch/Sewing Machine Embellishments Cut […]

Pillowcase Tote Bag Tutorial…

Time to go through your bedding closet & find some orphaned pillowcase(s). Once again, here is an inspired project from Martha. This is just a casual, very easy & super-cheap tote bag. Great to take to the pool, park, or any other place you go when you need to hurry and stuff things into your […]

HAND towel to HAND bag!

I found this super-cute Shabby Chic towel from Target and just knew that I needed to make something out of it!  It was white and already came with ruffles on it, so I decided to add a few things and make it into a hand bag.  Here is the HAND towel to HAND bag tutorial! […]

Earth Day Flowers…

Fun way to recycle pop cans… Flower Magnets My hubby likes Dr. Pepper, a lot! If it weren’t for him, we would have no cans to make this fun project (I am anti-pop!) But this is a great way to reuse and recycle your pop cans. I found this cute project HERE for Earth Day […]

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