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Sweet Charli originally started as a hobby for myself while my ‘sweet Charli’ was napping.  I am a simple gal who likes to create simple things, share simple ideas, by only spending a simple amount of money. 

I like to delight in the small things of every day life.  My favorite thing is when the sun’s rays shine through my window, the sunshine is one thing I could never live without!  I love the smell of fresh cut grass and love hearing birds early in the morning.  When my girls lay their heads on my shoulder it touches my heart.  There’s nothing that a good piece of chocolate can’t fix…  Among loving many other things, since we’re talking about projects, how nice does it feel to completely finish a project with no interruptions??  I don’t know what that feels like, but that’s okay!

In 2010, after a few short months of blogging, I began being featured on some of my favorite blogs, and fulfilling my lifetime dream of being on TV!!  I am a contributor on a local morning lifestyle show called Studio 5.  You can see some of my segments HERE.
I love creating/designing new things and sharing them with all of you!

Who am I?  I am the proud mother of two sweet girls, a wife to my high school & junior high sweetheart…and also my elementary crush. I am a Mormon, I am a lover of food!  One thing I am not is very patientMost of the projects on my blog are projects that don’t require a lot of patience!
I was patient in my younger years.  My husband served a mission for our church and after two years of him being gone and me being patient…I finally got to marry the love of my life!  My lovely family always comes first, so if I am sparse with my projects, you’ll know why!  I love checking out other creative blogs and sharing ideas!  I am a normal stay-at-home mommy who is just trying to find hobbies to break up my day.  Blogging, Pinterest, and designing are the evils that prevent me from doing most of my housework!
When not playing with my sweet girls and hanging with my hubby, you can find me trying to play the guitar, exercising, and well, designing!  I have become quite interested in exercise and nutrition and feel that my knowledge in this area has grown immensely.  I love being able to share what I know from my body transformation experience with all of you.  I have even come up with a 7 day meal and fitness plan with everything laid out for you.
I am surrounded by wonderful family and friends here in Utah; most of whom I get lots of my inspiration from!  I hope that this blog will inspire of all you to do the same!