I get asked all of the time not only what recommendations I have as far as what older women should be wearing on their skin, but also HOW they should be applying their makeup. Here are my my best 9 makeup tips for mature skin.
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9 Makeup Tips for Mature Skin 1. Shade up. When searching for your right shade of foundation it's important to keep in mind to go darker than you think you are. If you shade yourself too light then it can accentuate wrinkles, creases and texture on your skin causing it to look unnatural and 'cakey'. If you need help determining your correct shade you can fill out this form HERE and I can professionally match you. 2. Less is best. The biggest mistake I see women in general make when applying makeup anywhere on their face with creases is using too much product. Using too much product causes it to sit in these areas and make those creases deeper and more noticeable than they really are. Use less product in these areas and if you're wearing the right shade then you shouldn't have to wear a lot anyways! 3. Stipple on product. Not only will this tip help you to apply less product (and makes your product last longer) but it will also help distribute the product evenly on your face so that it won't crease (as mentioned above). I like stippling (or dabbing) the product on first to distribute it across the face, then lightly brush and buffing it in. This will give a beautiful, natural look. Not sure which brush to use for foundation? This next tip will answer your question... 4. The right brush. Older women should use a brush that doesn't apply too much product yet is very soft. I LOVE using the B Squared brush from Maskcara Beauty. It applies the perfect amount of product without applying too much and because it is so soft, it blends everything nicely. Plus, it's double sided so you get 2 in 1! Use this brush for blush too! 5. Creams > Powders & Liquids. I've said it and I'll say it again, "Creams are the best foundations for any age"! Why is this? Creams create a "second skin" on your face instead of just sitting on top. It really sinks in and looks natural and 'glowy'. All of the celebrity makeup artists use cream foundation. See more about that here: http://www.sweetcharli.com/2017/11/7-reasons-try-maskcara-3d-foundation.html 6. Lift face with contour. As skin gets older it tends to sag on the face. Using contour will create a visual 'lift' for those cheekbones and instantly take years off of the face. Again, cream contours work best like these ones. Just make sure to apply right along your cheek bone. Applying contour too low will bring your face down and do the opposite of what we are trying to do, lift! 7. Blush for youth. Some people are scared of wearing blush especially in their older years because they think it has to be too pink. No way! Everyone needs blush on their face because blush adds youth and health. Blush adds color to your face. It doesn't have to be bright pink! There are so many beautiful shades of blush that I love to use on more matures skin. Desert Sunset, Summer Love, Pink Grapefruit, or Bare are some of the ones I use the most. Remember, cream blushes are best! 8. Stay away from shimmers. Shimmers and sparkles tend to settle more into creases and wrinkles making them more noticeable. When considering eyeshadows, make sure to be conscious of the ones that contain shimmer. Stick with matte, especially in the crease of your eyelid. 9. Moisturize! Obviously we need to be using a good moisturizer not matter our age! The Tres Leches Skincare is my favorite regimen but have you tried the MILK moisturizer? There are so many great benefits of using this. Anti-aging is just one of them. Check it out here: https://sweetcharli.maskcarabeauty.com/en/shop/retail/20/skin