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Use STAY Setting Spray 9 Ways!

maskcara STAY setting spray

Maskcara Beauty’s STAY setting spray, it’s quickly become one of my favorite must-have makeup products.  Now before you just assume that it’s a setting spray for your makeup – just hold on one second because it’s so much more than just a setting spray!  Keep reading on how you can use STAY setting spray 9 ways!

This setting spray has become a staple in my morning routine.  Without it, sure, my makeup won’t quite stay on all day long (because I am oily), but also I do a few things with it that you probably wouldn’t have thought of doing…

Use STAY Setting Spray 9 Ways

  1.  Set your makeup –  You can use STAY with SPF or without SPF to set your makeup after you’re done with it.  Just hold it out at an arms length and spray down the middle, down the right side, then down the left side so you’re all covered.  STAY with SPF contains SPF 30!
  2. Prime your makeup – I use STAY after I apply my moisturizer, before I start my makeup to create an amazing base for my makeup.  Helps my makeup to go on better and last all day!
  3. Reapply throughout the day – This is particularly awesome with the STAY with SPF.  If you are outside most of the day, just carry the bottle with you in your purse and reapply the SPF 30 every time you feel you need it.  I absolutely dislike placing sunscreen overtop of my makeup and having it burn my eyes…but spraying STAY overtop of your makeup will only set it more and you don’t have to worry about your burning eyes!
  4. Spray SPF in the part of your hair – There is nothing worse than having a sunburned part, but maybe having a greasy part is!  You can avoid both by spraying STAY with SPF in the part of your hair!  The SPF 30 will help prevent burn and the formula is non-greasy!
  5. Use STAY to help nail polish dry – I always use STAY after painting my little girls’ finger nails because it helps them dry faster, no kidding!  I use the STAY without SPF to do this and it works like a charm!
  6. Spray on for a quick refresher – Did you know that STAY is scented and smells like a little piece of paradise?  It smells like you are on a beach by a bunch of cut-up coconuts!  Do a quick spritz on your neck after applying your makeup to take you somewhere tropical!
  7. Texturize your hair – Some girls use STAY to add texture to their hair.  Also, if you are in need of a quick fly-away fix, spray on those baby hairs to help tame them!
  8. Enhance your eyeshadow – If you want to enhance your eyeshadow color or bring out the shimmer, after picking up the eyeshadow on your brush, spray it with STAY spray before wiping on your eye.  This will not only make your eyeshadow stay on longer, but will also bring out the color and shimmers better.
  9.  Apply with your beauty blender – We usually use our beauty blenders damp, at least that’s how you should be using it.  If you are on the go and don’t have water to ring it out in, just spray your blender with STAY and then blend your makeup in with it!

There you have it, tips to use STAY setting spray 9 ways!  Whether you get the STAY with SPF or without, you’re bound to fall in love with it and who knows, maybe you’ll find your own new way to use it!

Here is my YouTube video explaining all of these:

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