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7 Reasons Why You Should Try Maskcara 3D Foundation

maskcara 3d foundation makeup
I was a liquid foundation fan.  I needed the full-coverage, I was using a color that I thought looked good and that’s pretty much the only thing I had ever used…until I tried Maskcara 3D Foundation.  My world changed and my eyes were opened to the things it offered me that liquid could not.  Here are 7 reasons why you should try Maskcara 3D Foundation.If you have been considering trying out the amazing makeup for whatever reason, I believe everyone should.  These are just 7 reasons but there are so many more that I could tell you!

7 Reasons Why You Should Try Maskcara 3D Foundation

1. Maskcara’s foundations are cream.  I didn’t know how amazing creams are on your face until I started using this.  Creams are the best to use on any skin: young, old, dry, oily.  Creams move with the skin so you shouldn’t have any areas where its flaky or won’t cover.  Especially in older skin, creams allow you to look glowing and youthful because they skin into the skin rather than sit on top.  PS: all celebrity stylists use creams!

2.  Full-coverage.  Even though it feels so lightweight on the skin, it is full-coverage.  It is also ‘buildable’ which means that you can build it more heavy in areas that you feel need more coverage, and it won’t appear ‘cakey”.

cream foundation full-coverage

3.  Yellow undertones.  This helps fight the redness that people sometimes naturally have in their skin.  Also, covering red means covering those red blemishes, use it as a concealer.  Yellow will also help with dark circles under the eyes.  Have you ever seen a beautiful girl and thought, “she looks like she is glowing”?  Well, yellow undertones will give you that natural candlelight glow.  No more looking “orange” either.

4.  Wide range of shade options.  Whether you are as pale as a porcelain doll or have ethnic skin, there are so many colors on each end of the scale.  Currently, there are 11 shades of highlight colors and 6 shades of contour colors.

highlight colors

5.  Cost effective.  The price point is amazing because you’re not using just one color on your whole face and thus running out quickly.  Instead, you are using tiny amounts of different colors on your face so it lasts longer.  Plus, each tin is just $12 to replace and you literally just take it out of your compact when it is out (they are magnetic), and order a new one to replace it.  Highlight colors last between 3-5 months, contour should last about 5-6 months, blush and illuminator can last 9-12 months!  No more buying a pre-built pallet from Ulta or Sephora and only using 3 out of the 6 colors in your palette, you can build your own!

6.  Space saver.  Almost everything you need to do your makeup can fit into a compact.  There are different sizes to choose from that will fit not only your foundation colors, but also the two powders we offer, and eyeshadows as well.  No more carrying a huge makeup bag full of bulky bottles and different containers…one compact with a few brushes is all you need!

makeup compacts

7. Items can be used for more than one purpose.  I absolutely love how I can use my Maskcara makeup for more than just one thing.  For example, the highlight acts as a concealer.  The contour can be used as lipliner, eyeliner, or eyebrow color.  The illuminator can act as eyeshadow primer.  The blush can be used for cream eyeshadow and as lipstick!  Eyeshadows can also be worn for your eyebrow color and for eyeliner.  And – all the brushes are dual sided so you’re getting two for one there as well…so many possibilities, and another way to save money and space!

If you’re ready to try out the makeup keep a few things in mind.  First, you need to be color-matched.  I can help color match you online by asking you a few questions (TAKE THE QUIZ HERE FIRST) and by having you send me a picture of yourself without makeup on in natural lighting.  This means that you would stand about 4 feet from a window in the daylight.  We will discuss the right shades for you and I can answer any other questions you might have.

Another thing to remember is that Maskcara has a 30 day guarantee.  If you don’t like the shade you got or even the makeup, you can send it back and exchange it or get a refund.

But first, consider these troubleshooting tips I made.  You need to give your skin a few weeks to adjust to the creams if you feel like you’re not seeing the results that you’re seeing on everyone else.

Email me, with any questions or to do an online color match – I’d love to help you!


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