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Troubleshooting Maskcara 3D Foundation

maskcara troubleshooting llld foundation

Maskcara 3D Foundation is the greatest makeup I’ve tried for many reasons.  I have shared this love with all of you via social media, YouTube videos, and in person doing makeovers.  Chances are that if you are reading this article then you’ve heard how amazing it is and so you tried the makeup and probably bought it too.  If there is a reason why you aren’t loving it or it isn’t working for you for some reason or another then continue reading.  I will give you tips and tricks for you to try out before you give up on the makeup altogether.  This article should be very helpful to you for troubleshooting Maskcara lllD Foundation.

Troubleshooting Maskcara 3D Foundation

You have tried the cream foundation and have applied it using this technique, or something similar but you’re just not seeing or feeling the same finished product.  Follow these tips to help you get the look and feel you want.

  • Problem: it doesn’t set
    You feel like your makeup is sitting on your face and won’t set.  One swipe of the finger and you can see where the makeup comes off.
    Solution: You can use STAY setting spray and powder to set the makeup if you feel it is slipping. You also may be using too much product! Sometimes we also notice slipping when the customer is applying moisturizer or primer before putting on the makeup.  I suggest using STAY before you apply your makeup, as your primer.  Wait about 10-15 minutes if you are using a heavier moisturizer before applying the makeup.  When you are done with your makeup press a loose powder in the areas where you notice the makeup slipping, and then set a final time with the STAY.
  • Problem: feels greasy, sticky, or oily
    You feel like you look shiny rather than dewey.  You’re not loving that your face feels sticky rather than smooth.
    Solution: You may not be used to a dewy finish, especially if you are coming from using a powder or nothing at all.  We don’t want to look dry, but it can be a hard transition. Everyone looks beautiful with a dewey finish, in fact all celebrities wear creams for this reason.  A dewey finish helps you look younger and more natural.  It took my skin about a week or two for it to adapt to the new formula I was using on my face.  Stick it out a little longer and see if this will be your case as well.  If not, remember to use the setting powder and STAY.
    troubleshooting maskcara llld foundation
  • Problem: texture shows through
    The product is not smooth on your face and may appear to be dry or flaky.
    Solution:  Texture issues are almost always color problems, have you taken my color-match quiz? If you feel like one part of your skin has a texture problem, you may need a different color on those specific parts of your skin. Make sure you are exfoliating and moisturizing. If you can see the flakes, cream will not cover up that texture! Get Cure Gel to remove dead skin and flakes. It’s a wonderful exfoliator, seriously, people are loving it!  ALSO, make sure you are moisturizing well not only on the outside, but on the inside too – DRINK WATER!
  • Problem: not lasting throughout the day
    You feel like the makeup is only staying on your face for a few hours
    Solution: This makeup should stay on your face all day.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to touch up if I am heading somewhere at night.  There are a few things to take into consideration here.  Do you have oily skin?  Are you putting on too much product?  Are you putting on too little product?  It may be hard to find the in-between but let me assure you this: It takes a few days of practice to realize how much product to put on YOUR FACE to make it last.  I was putting on way too much at first.  Then over the course of a few days I learned that I didn’t need as much, especially in certain areas such as under my eyes, on my forehead, and near my smile lines.  If you are having this problem take that tip into consideration but also try using the setting powder and STAY spray; especially if you have oily skin!
  • Problem:  creasing
    You are experiencing creasing in your under-eye area, crows feet, smile lines, etc.
    Solution: Cream foundations are wonderful for all types of skins, and all ages of skins.  One benefit of creams is that they almost sink into your face becoming a ‘second skin’ which is more natural looking.  If you are experiencing creasing then I suggest putting less product on in those areas.  Remember this: less is more when it comes to lines on the face.  I promise, this will help a ton!  ALSO, make sure you are moisturizing well not only on the outside, but on the inside too – DRINK WATER!
  • Problem: contour looks dirty
    Rather than looking like a natural shadow of your face, your contour areas look dirty
    Solution: You’re most likely using the wrong contour color.  If you are more of a warm-toned person than the cooler toned contour colors like Ash and Shadow can look too ashy or dirty on your face.  Also, sometimes if you have a naturally dark skin-tone than the contour can appear dirty.  You may want to try one of the warmer contour colors like Stone or Olive.
  • Problem: contour isn’t noticeable
    Your contour is not showing up as noticeable as you’d like
  • Solution: You may want to shade up to a darker contour color.  Are you putting enough on?  Here is a tip for you to try: if you have been brushing your contour on, try stippling it on instead (or dabbing).  This will help you not only with portion control, but also with product placement.  After you stipple it on then you can blend by brushing with a light hand until you get it to the shade of your liking.
    troubleshooting maskcara llld foundation
    **Hopefully these tips will help you troubleshooting Maskcara 3d foundation.  If you are experiencing any other issues, contact the person you bought it from and we can help you decide what you may be doing wrong.This makeup truly is amazing and if you aren’t in love with it yet, I promise you will be!


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