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My Journey with Maskcara Beauty, Never Say Never

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I’m doing this.  I am actually writing an article about how I will never say never when it comes to joining an MLM or Direct Sales company.  I was one of those girls who let a little giggle out when another one of my Facebook friends joined a “pyramid scheme” is what I thought of them at the time.  I’d see them post multiple times a day about how their product changes lives.  I declined their group invites, or perhaps just ignored them.  Yes, I was that girl; the one who said, “I’ll never join an Multi-level marketing company!”  So read on to learn about how I did, infact did join an MLM and my experience with Maskcara Beauty so far.

One day while scrolling through social media I saw an announcement.  One of my favorite beauty bloggers, Cara Killpack, was turning her makeup line into a direct sales opportunity.  It stopped me in my tracks and my mind all of the sudden decided that it was okay to join this MLM.  What made this one so different from all the other companies that I had been presented with previously?  You can read that all HERE.  Needless to say, two days later I joined my first MLM company and it was time I put my foot in my mouth!

The first month was great, the second month even better.  Being an Independent Makeup Artist for this company was actually becoming more incredible than I ever thought it could be.  I started growing a team; not because I was trying to, but because everyone was so excited to join this new opportunity.  I began selling, not because I was necessarily trying, but because people already knew about and loved the makeup.  Though I was previously hesitant about these MLM companies, I started to realize now what all the other Facebook “mom bosses” were feeling with their direct sales companies!

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So, how is being a Maskcara Beauty Artist, really?

I get this question frequently.  People wanna know if it really is that awesome to be a part of or are we all just pulling their chain?  I’ll tell you everything and I won’t sugar-coat it because guess what, I honestly don’t need to!  The pros have far out-weighed the cons of this whole journey (8 months now to be exact). There are no cons; no really, I have yet to experience anything bad from selling Maskcara Beauty products.

I’m going to be totally transparent here because I some know people want the details but are too hesitant to ask.  I write these things not because I wanna brag but because I am so humbled at how amazing this experience has been for me, especially after being so critical.  I will never disclose how much money I am making because I think that is just totally unnecessary.  Here are our team’s successes last month:

August was my team’s best month yet growing to a total of 45 wonderful women.  I have 20 girls on my frontline which lets be honest, I was going to be totally happy with one person under me!  I have exceeded my expectations as far as how big of a team I thought I could actually build.  It’s still growing, too!  Last month alone we had 8 girls join our team and I receive emails weekly from girls that have been contemplating joining. (which come on, what’s holding you back?!)

Among these 45 women, ten of us rank-advanced in August alone.  Now hear me out…when I heard about all the “rank advancements” happening in other companies I couldn’t have cared less.  I didn’t know what rank advancements were.  I didn’t know how far up ruby, or diamond, or princess was because when you aren’t a distributor you have no idea thus not caring a bit.  I can put this into perspective for you for those that genuinely wanna know and for those that don’t care, skip a few paragraphs down.

These girls on our team have reached the first rank, which means sold their first $800 in products.  They have reached the second rank, which means that they have two girls under them and helped each of them sell their first $800.  We have third-rank girls (ambassadors), which requires having two second rank girls and one third rank under you somewhere.  Me, well I just ranked up to Elite Ambassador, basically my fourth rank advancement and there are probably only 20 artists out of 4,000 right now that are of this rank or above!  I’m nearly half-way to the top rank with only 5 more to go!

-Did you know that you can do this all with just two directs under you?  It’s possible.  Anyways, my team and I have been working our butts off and that is why I am telling you this, because I am simply just so proud!

Another thing I’m really proud of is that my team and I had a hand in $1,000,000 in sales just for the month of August.  Yes, all of my team plus the girls above us all surpassed the million dollar sales mark.  This is pretty darn incredible and I am so glad that I have the leaders I do to help us all get there. And… I cannot forget about my amazing customers too!  🙂 xoxo

Another favorite about selling for Maskcara Beauty are the women.  The beautiful women that I get to put makeup on and create a relationship with has been empowering.  I have such a great network of new friends in all of my customers and all of my fellow Maskcara artists.  It’s so nice to have new friends to socialize with when I feel like I have been home all day changing diapers!

Have I had compromise my reputation, friends, and name?

The thing I was most nervous about when joining an MLM was losing friends!  “Will people start hating me if I post about this on social media?”  “Will they try to avoid me because they think I am going to be selling them on something?”!  Haha, I get it.  But guess what?  I do not believe that I have been pushy in any way!  Besides, if you LOVE the product you’re selling then you’re not selling it, you’re sharing it, am I right?

I also believe that I have still been 100% myself.  I still post the things I love and Maskcara just happens to be one of them!  I have never pressured anyone, not even my friends and family to buy anything.  I have never pressured anyone to ‘join my team’.  People buy because they love the product.  People join because they love the product and want to make money on the side.  The makeup does all the selling, I just help out!

So let that be a tip for you: you don’t have to be pushy to do well in an MLM!

“Never Say Never”

Okay so…I didn’t write this post to sell you on joining my MLM!  I basically just wanted to tell you that MLM’s are not all bad!  We always get the wrong opinion on them depending on which type of person is selling to us but really, if you join the right one then it should be a good and pleasant experience.  I have put my foot in my mouth and no longer feel that distributors of MLM companies are all annoying; they are just doing their job.  Some are better than others at selling it organically though!

I hope I opened your eyes to the good side of direct sales.  Maskcara Beauty has been 100% amazing and you can find out more about the business opportunity HERE or email me

For all those reading this that are my customers or in my network; thanks so much for your support!  🙂


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