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TIME to fall in love with JORD wood watches

JORD men's wood watchIf you know my story then you know that I’ve been in love with Jord since the 7th grade, true story.  You see Jord is actually Jordan, who happens to be my husband.  We have been keen on each other for almost 20 years, but now there is a new “Jord” in our lives.  This fits perfectly not only because of the name but because literally, the watch fits great!  Now it’s your turn, TIME to fall in love with JORD wood watches.  Here are some noteworthy things about it.

I first heard about ‘wood watches’ a few months ago when I stumbled upon an Instagram account.  I instantly fell in love with the look of the wood, so natural and definitely neutral to wear with anything.  After browsing their products for a little bit it dawned on me that this would be the perfect Christmas gift for my husband.  You see, he is a pretty tough guy to buy for…but I knew I couldn’t go wrong with this wood watch.wood watch wood watch I let him open his gift early and he was quite pleased.  He first was amazed by the packaging, isn’t the box so cool? Then he thought it was cool that it was made from wood.  I got him the Dover Series Ebony & Copper watch.  JORD wood watch

men's wood watchesTIME to fall in love with JORD wood watches

When I asked him to name me three things he loves about his Wooden Wristwatch he said:

Ladies Wooden Watches

  1.  It’s a unique watch.  It’s not made from the traditional leather or metal.  JORD uses different woods that make their time pieces different.
  2.  The style.  Wear it dressy or wear it casual.  The watch is classic and eye-catching which makes it versatile.
  3.  Movement.  Features include self-winding automatic and 36 hour power reserve.
    JORD wood watches

men's wood watches
men's wood watchesThis men’s watch is perfect for him because it fits his style so well; now I want one for myself!  Did you know they also have women’s wood watches?  In fact, you ought to check out the giveaway that’s going on HERE.  You get a $25 coupon code just for entering!  If you think these watches would be a great gift for you or him, then I suggest entering the giveaway.  After entering, your coupon code will be emailed to you instantly.

Check out the other watches they have, which ones will make you fall in love with JORD wood watches?

men's wood watchesThis post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

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