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Craft for Kids: Mummies from Paper Plates

The other day my sweet 5 year old said, “Mom, I wanna do a craft”!  I was so excited!  I asked her what kind of craft she wanted to make and she responded, “Lets do a Halloween craft”.  So I searched my pantry and scraps of paper/fabric and we decided to come up with these darling mummies from paper plates.
This is such a great craft for kids.  It’s easy and requires no gluing or cutting on their part.  It’s a great learning skill for kids because of the weaving of fabric through holes and pulling.  These turned out so cute, sometimes the cutest creations are the ones that you make on a whim with just the items you have around your house!
What you need:
paper plates (with white bottom)
hole puncher
scrap fabric (I used muslin)
paper for eyes
glue gun
We started out by tearing strips of fabric.  We used about 1.25″ strips but the beautiful thing about this project is they are even more cute when they are messy and sloppy – so don’t measure!  After you have a good pile of fabric, start punching holes on the outside of your paper plate, about every inch.  Whatever paper plates you pick out, make sure the bottom is white.  This is the side you will be using as your face.
Once your holes are all punched use your hot glue and fold the end of the fabric in half long ways and hot glue it shut.  This way, it will make the end of the fabric thinner and more stiff so it will go through the holes easier.  Start threading your fabric strips through the holes.  I like to hot glue the ends to the back of the plate so they don’t come through when the kids are doing theirs.
(Here is a picture of the back of my plate)
 When you are all finished weaving your mummy face until it’s pretty much covered, just cut some eyes out of paper and hot glue them on OR if you happen to have googly eyes, use those. (I didn’t have any lying around my home)
 These mummies from paper plates are such a fun little project.  Remember, the messier they are and less perfect they are – the cuter they are!  That’s another reason why they are so great for kids! 

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