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Life is Beautiful Tshirt

life is beautiful tshirt
Life is Beautiful.  It’s been my motto ever since having my first child.  At the time, the lyrics from Vega 4 filled my mind and shortly thereafter became the song that played in the background of our home video containing her first year of life.

“Life is Beautiful but it’s complicated, we barely make it.  We don’t need to understand.  There are miracles.  Miracles”.  Those are the words to the chorus in the song.  There have been very high moments in my life and there have also been lows.  But all in all, my life became the most beautiful when I became a mother.  There are miracles all around us in life.  We don’t need to understand how they work, but they always work out for our good.
life is beautiful graphic tshirt
I was so thrilled when I saw this new Life is Beautiful Tshirt from Cents of Style.  I couldn’t pass it up.  I styled it here with a buffalo print vest, awesome jeans, and these boots that I love!

life is sweet graphic tshirt
{Jacket also from Cents of Style.}

There are other Tshirts in their new line that you must check out.  Everyone of us have different views on life.  What’s yours?  Is it an adventure?  Is it sweet?  Is it tough?  Or how about grand?  Find the perfect fit for you and wear it proudly.  This weekend only you can snag this amazing deal:

The lyrics go on to say, “Stand where you are, we let all these moments pass us by”.  Let this Life is Beautiful Tshirt remind you to stop and smell the roses.  Look around, see the beautiful moments in your life and don’t let them pass you by.  Because even in the worst and darkest of times, there is always a glimmer of light and hope and beauty.

Life is so beautiful!  Thanks for letting me share.

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