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S’mores Filled Croissants

Some days you feel like s’mores.  Some days you realize you don’t have a fire pit!  This is that day.  Welcome to an easy way to bring my favorite treat indoors.  S’mores filled croissants, an easy recipe that the kids will love to help you make.

indoor smores
Another reason why this recipe is a great one is because you can use a great variety of ingredients.  Not only can you put chocolate and marshmallows inside, but think outside the box…or…think outside the croissant!  Nutella, peanut butter, oreo, coconut…what will you put in yours?

These croissants are made using Rhodes dinner roll dough.  You can check out my recipe over on their kids blog,  My girls had fun making these with me and I am sure you will have a blast too!
smore's filled croissant

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