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Refrigerator Snack Bags for Kids

healthy refrigerator snack bags for kidsSchool is out for the summer here and a few things I am trying to avoid hearing from my kids are (1) “I’m bored”, and (2) “Can I have a snack?”.  I have been wanting to make Snack Bags for my girls for a while now and them being out of school has forced me to actually make it happen.  It will be so much easier now to just tell my girls when they ask what they can snack on to just head to the fridge and pic something from our snack drawer.  I feel good about this because the snacks are fairly healthy and break away from the fruit snacks and crackers that we would otherwise be eating.  Here is what I have come up with for my refrigerator snack bags for kids.

Refrigerator Snack Bags for Kids

healthy refrigerated snack ideas for kids
For my first time doing this these are the things that I added to our refrigerator snack drawer:

Cheese sticks
Jello cups
Handmade bags of grapes
Handmade bags of baby carrots
Handmade bags of pepperonis

I thought this was a good start.  These are things that my girls already love, I  may try to experiment with new things as the summer goes on.

healthy refrigerator snack bags for kids

Here are some of the benefits of putting all of the options in the bottom drawer of our fridge:

They are at kid-level
This will make it a lot easier when they want a snack and I am too busy to get them one or when I don’t want to choose for them.  They can just go to the fridge and pick an option out for themselves.

They are altogether
Sometimes when we have a lot of options that are spread out all over, we cannot see them or we cannot remember that we bought them.  Children are visual so it’s nice that they are all in one place and they have those options to choose from.

Evaluate when you need more
When all of the snacks are together and you run out of some then you will be able to see a lot easier.

Here is a fun way that we are storing our Jello cups.  They are in the door of my fridge, at the bottom where sodas go.

refrigerated snack ideas for kids
I am sure we will still have plenty of fruit snacks, crackers, granola bars, and cookies this summer, but it is nice to change things up a bit.

I hope that you will find this inspiring and easy.  It really was easy, I promise.  I will be thinking and brainstorming new ideas for more refrigerator snack bags for kids.  If you have any ideas, please share them in the comments below!

Maybe I need to start making some healthy adult snack bags for the fridge.  They would come in handy for the weeks after I have this baby, don’t you think?

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