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No Heat Curls Tutorial

I have recently been trying to find ways I can make my life easier during the summer and after I have the baby.  I want to eliminate the time I spend doing things that don’t matter much (like doing my hair) and start spending more time on the better things of life (like having fun with my kids).  Getting ready in the morning isn’t very fun, especially when I my kids are asking me every 5 seconds, “when are you going to be ready?” Curling my hair has been a breeze with Savvy Curls, a way to curl your hair as you play with your kids, literally!  No curling iron, no blow dryer… and no heat means healthier hair for you.  This works great if you are trying to grow it out!  Here is my no heat curls tutorial…

no heat curls using Savvy Curls

When I first saw this cute headband that gives you curls as you wear it, I knew I had to try it out!  The company is called Savvy Curls, and basically they are cute hair wraps that have a special padding built into them that shapes your hair into curls as you wear it.

Tutorial for no heat curls

Now as you can see in the before picture, my hair was solely air-dried (by the way, I never blow dry my hair because I feel like it goes better when I air-dry it. Oh and by the way, please ignore the fact that I am over-due for a color and trim!) This works best when you let your hair air-dry because you aren’t forcing it straight and the hair keeps its form better.  If you want to follow exactly what I did, here are the products I used:

Biolage color shampoo and conditioner by Matrix
Unite 7 seconds leave in conditioner spray
Small talk thickifier by Bed Head

Let hair air-dry then right before you put on the hair wrap:
Golf ball sized amount of Kenra firm hold mousse

After removing the hair wrap:
Biosilk smoother

So here is what I do…
After I put the mousse in I brush through my hair.  I place the wrap around the crown of my head like a halo (my hair is parted in the middle), then start wrapping my hair starting with my bangs.  You can check out a tutorial on how to wrap your hair HERE.

Now the rest is up to you.  You can do this right before bed so that when you wake up your hair is curled.  You can do this in the morning and run errands with it in your hair.  It looks pretty cute on some people as an up-do!  The day I took these pictures I did it before bed BUT – I also have worn this in the day time.  In fact, I wore it while I took the kids to the pool and it worked great.  I only had it in for about 4 or 5 hours.  That night my husband and I had somewhere to go and it was great because after the pool all I had to do was take my wrap off and touch up my make-up!

After removing wrap:
I like to play with my curls a bit.  I put a dime-sized drop of Biosilk in my hand, rub them together really good, then work into the ends of my hair starting in the front.  As I apply the product, I twist my curls back (since that is the way they are curled) and then I finish with a spray.  This not only smooths my curls out, but it also loosens them a bit (if they are too tight for you).  Oh, and don’t forget about the shine that Biosilk adds.  Finish with your favorite spray.  I use grocery store brand Garnier Fructise extreme control and Farouk by Chi (my fav).

This wrap is seriously perfect for summer.  It’s great because it eliminates the time you would normally be doing your hair and allows you to be out and about playing with your kids while your hair is curling.  Simplify your summer!

I am pretty excited that I will have this for after I have the baby too, because heaven knows you don’t have near as much time for yourself with a newborn!

I have a code for all of you!  Use savvyc2 for $2 off your choice of hair wrap!  Get shopping for all the patterns HERE.

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