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Easy Picnic Table Redo

Easy way to refurbish wooden picnic tableI don’t know about you but we spend a lot of time outside this time of year, at least 2/3 of our meals are eaten on our deck!  We also love entertaining guests and this little picnic table has been a favorite around our home.  It is probably about 5 years old now and needs a little facelift, so I decided to do something fun with it that will make eating on it even that much better.  You will need to check out the before and after pictures of my easy picnic table redo.

When I say easy, I mean easy.  This project does not take long at all and it takes very little effort.  The picnic table started out as a wooden picnic table.  I got it from the Scraps of Simplicity market, a twice-yearly boutique in our area.  A local man hand made it and it has been so durable and great.  The top was starting to get a little sun-worn and I wanted to cover it with a more permanent table cloth that I can wipe clean.

picnic table redo

I headed to Hobby Lobby and got me some Laminated Fabric.  There are different types of outdoor fabric, but I have found laminated fabric to be the best for this.  The best place with the most choices of cute laminated fabric is at Hobby Lobby and you can always get it at a discounted price.

DIY picnic table redo

Easy Picnic Table Redo


Laminated fabric (measure an extra 1.5-2 inches on each side)
Simple staple gun with staples
Paint (if needed) 

tutorial picnic table redo

Start off by placing your laminated fabric face-down on a hard surface.  I put mine on our larger picnic table.  Then, flip the other picnic table (the one you are redoing) on top of the laminated fabric with the top of the table face-down.

Make sure that you line up the fabric so that the pattern will be even.  Some fabrics are easier than others, for instance, a floral pattern would be easier to get straight than this chevron pattern.  Just make sure that it is even so you don’t have to take it off and re-staple it if its crooked!

picnic table redo tutorial

Take each of the sides up, one side at a time, and begin stapling.  It is so very important that you pull the sides and corners very tightly before stapling.  Pull tighter than you think you need to.  You want this fabric on tight and don’t want any excess fabric or air bubbles.

Once you have the fabric on then flip over and make sure it is indeed tight enough and straight.  Within minutes, you have yourself a like-new picnic table that will be easier to keep clean and that is super-cute!

I did sand down repaint the seats of this table.  I just love how it turned out.  We use it all the time, in fact, we just used it the other morning for our Sunday breakfast!

picnic table laminated table cloth tutorial

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