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Ninja vs Blendtec – which is better?

Ninja vs Blendtec, which one is better?  The results are in.  I cannot tell you how excited I have been to post the results for my huge experiment!  You guys, the results of this battle is amazing, you will be shocked.  If you have ever even thought about buying a new blender and have debated on whether to get a Ninja or a Blentec, look no further!  I have the results right here: Ninja vs Blendtec – which is better?

Here is a little background on why I chose to do this experiment.  About 1 year and a half ago I told my husband that we needed a new blender.  Our Hamilton Beach blender just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore as I was making so many smoothies and none of them were how I imagined them to be.  We weren’t in the market for anything over-the-top, just a blender to blend healthy ingredients into a smoothie.  We read a few reviews about the Ninja and for the price, we justified buying one.  We pulled the trigger and bought the Professional Ninja NJ600.

My first time using it I was like, “Wow!  This is pretty powerful!”  It blended everything up better than it did my Hamilton Beach blender.  I started experimenting with different smoothie recipes, even tried a few other things in it as well like salsa, jam…

I was really getting into green smoothies.  I was wanting to trick my kids into eating (or drinking rather) their veggies.  I was adding fresh spinach, frozen spinach, carrots, apples, chia seeds…the list goes on of the healthy stuff I had to sneak into their smoothies.  Except for one thing, there was no sneaking around them with my Ninja.  All of these “green” smoothies that looked green in the pictures on the recipes weren’t “green” at all.  They were pink rather, or brown, with green specs.  My spinach was not blending up, just chopped into small pieces.  The Ninja was definitely living up to its name, chop-chop chopping things rather than blending it smooth.

Believe it or not but it took me over a year to get frustrated enough to do something about it.  I was drinking smoothies with chunks and  chunks of stuff in it!  Basically, it was like I was drinking a salad!  I became ‘content’ with the blender and forgot what I was really wanting when I switched from the Hamilton Beach.  A few of my friends and family had Blendtecs and after talking to all of them and finding out that their green smoothies did in fact come out “green”, I decided I needed to try the Blendtec pronto!  I was so sick of my kids not drinking their smoothies because it had quote, “green things and orange dots” in them – ick!

I received my Blendtec Designer 725 and seconds later I was blending!  Literally, seconds later from removing it from the box.  I was already extremely satisfied with how simple it was to use.  Among other things, I will just focus first, on how smooth it blends.  I did my experiment based on a smoothie recipe I found on No Diets Allowed.  I chose this recipe because it contained ingredients that would not blend well in my Ninja.  Here is what I put in:

Healthy smoothie ingredients to make in Blentec.

 I decided to make it fair and put in the same ingredients, the same amounts, and in the same order in both the Ninja and the Blendtec.  I layered them like this from the bottom:
Almond milk
Fresh spinach
Cut apples (with core and seeds)
Ice cubes

So here we go…Ninja vs Blendtec – which is better?

Blendtec vs Ninja, the results are in!I let the two blenders blend for the same exact amount of time, 30 seconds.  Not to my surprise, this is how the results came out:

What is better? A Blendtec or Ninja?I think the picture speaks for itself.  On the left you can see that the ingredients blended up nicely.  The consistency of the smoothie was smooth.  The picture on the right, however, is chunky, like a fruit/veggie salsa!  The consistency was a bit thicker and the color is not as dark.  I took my phone out and decided to film as the two were blending, side by side, for the same amount of time.  I blended them on their smoothie settings for 30 seconds.  Here is the clip:

After watching this video clip, reading through my ‘Ninja vs Blendtec – which is better’ post, and seeing these pictures, I hope it clears your mind a little better if you are faced with a decision.  This brings me to the question:
Comparison between the Blendtec and the Ninja

Which smoothie will you drink?

I would like to include a few other reasons why I prefer the Blendtec over the Ninja.  Here are some points to consider:

  • The Ninja is taller than the Blendtec making the Ninja difficult to keep out on my countertop because it doesn’t fit underneath my cabinets.
  • The Ninja is more difficult to clean because the blade is removable.  Blendtec’s blade is built-in and makes it quicker.
  • The top on the Ninja takes a little more effort to take off.
  • I love that the Blendtec has so many options that make blending easy.  You can make many different recipes from smoothies and ice cream, to salsas, dips, dough, and hot soups!  Plus, did you know I make my own laundry detergent in my Blendtec?  The recipe is HERE.
  • The twister jar that fits onto the Blendtec has been our favorite, lots of hand-spun milkshakes.
  • Although it appears that you can fit more ingredients into the Ninja, the blades being in the way make it hard to get the ingredients in there to make a smooth blend.


The Blendtec rocks.  That’s all I have to say.  You can read all about the model I have, what it does, the specs, the features, the reviews HERE.  If you are in the market, I highly suggest getting this model.

The Ninja isn’t so macho like you may think a Ninja should be.  Karate chopping all day long is what it does, chops carrots, chops spinach, chops apples into small pieces that you can drink and then chew – eww!

I hope this review was helpful to you.  I can assure you that I will be using this all summer long with some recipes I have up my sleeve, so stay tuned!

This experiment was made based on the models mentioned previously.
The Ninja was just over a year old and the Blendtec used was 2 months old.
However, I believe the results 
would have been the same had they both been bought at the same time.


  1. says

    Thank you for experimenting with my smoothie! I’m honored. I’m ALL about those quality blenders and love your review. Thanks again.

  2. Maddee says

    Good comparison! I also have a blend Tec and I love it. I like how it tells you how many times you use it! Worth every penny!

  3. Megan says

    That is awesome! Anything that will “sneak” my kids there veggies is worth it’s weight in gold!

  4. Amber Arnold says

    Great experiment. I have always wondered if the Blendtec was worth the $$ (even though I still cannot justify spending that on a blender). I have found that for green smoothies, it does work a lot better to just add your liquid and greens (spinach or kale) first and blend for a while without adding other ingredients. It helps get it pureed better than just throwing everything in. I actually use my food processor for smoothies and have gotten slightly better results with greens using this method than the ninja results you got, but definitely not as good as the Blendtec. Maybe some day I will bite the bullet and get one!

  5. says

    I totally agree with you that spinach does not blend well in the Ninja blender. My girls don’t seem to mind, but I find it odd to chew my smoothies. I might have to find a good deal on a Blendtec.

    • nicole says

      I have a ninja and I was having the same issues. I went to my brother in laws house and he has a ninja iq and that blends better than the ninja that I have currently. Althought it doesn’t leave everything smooth like the blendtec, if you leave it there for a longer time and add more water,it makes it less chunky. Every time i take my smoothie to work people think it’s green salsa. If you have thw aingle serve attachments you can buy the 32 oz bottle that is ised for the ninja iq and get pretty smooth smoothies. I think since the blades are at the bottom it helps a lot more.

  6. Marcia Osborne says

    After burning up my Black & Decker blender, I bought a Ninja Mega Kitchen System at Costco, and thought it would be the best one for the money based on reviews. I used it for 2 weeks, making smoothies and hummus. The hummus turned out fairly good, but my smoothies had green specks and chunks to where I was chewing rather than drinking them. So back to Costco it went, and back to the blender isle I went. I had every intention of buying an Oster Versa Performance blender, which was similar in price to the Ninja. However, they were demonstrating the Blendtec that day, and I was sold after sampling a smoothie and watching it grind rice into flour. I haven’t been disappointed since. Now I want to add the Twister Jar, as I think it will be easier to use when making hummus and other smaller amounts.

    • sweetcharli says

      Oh yes, similar story with the green specs!! I have absolutely loved my twister jar – so many possibilities!!

  7. Avril says

    I love love love my Blendtec, had it about 2 years now….AWESOME..
    my son and a friend have a Vitamix, and I reckon my Blendtec walks all over that one too.
    Blendtec is sooo user friendly, and gives Amazing results every time. The jar is sooo easy to clean, no ridges, and no sharp blades. Plus, it looks really good, neat and tidy on my bench top.
    One very very happy Blendtec owner here for sure 🙂

  8. Karyl N says

    i don’t think you mentioned the blades. Blendtec is safe to touch, Ninja is extremely sharp. I sliced my finger cleaning a ninja blade. Blendtec is worth the investment. Mine is 3 years old and I use it almost daily.

    • sweetcharli says

      Yes! Good point! The blades in the Ninja are super-sharp and it scares me every time I had to take them out to clean it. I feel so much safer with the Blendtec.


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