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29 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas
Father’s Day is coming up faster than we all realize.  I like to get my shopping done ahead of time so that I can just order online – it makes it so much easier!  I have browsed around and have come up with 29 Father’s Day gift ideas for you to get your dad or for your kids to get their dad!

29 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

*Note: some of these were found on daily deal sites such as and are time-sensitive.  So if you like something you see, hurry and get it before it’s gone!

1.  iPhone Wallet Case – my husband already has one of these and loves it.  Everyone always asks where he bought it.
2.  Superhero Bow Ties
superhero bowties for father's day

3.  Daddy and Me Ties
4.  Jack Black – he will feel extra suave after he uses Jack Black products.
5.  Blue Tooth Speaker
6.  Shaving Kit
7.  Husband and Daddy Prints
8.  Rustic Smartphone Holder
9.  Birch Box Subscription
10.  Power Sprayer 
11.  Blender Bottle
12.  Head Lamp
13.  Pocket Knife
14.  Jumper Cables
15.  Nose Hair Trimmer
16.  Awesome Dad Shirt** This might be my favorite!
This is what an awesome dad looks like

17.  BBQ Grill Mats
18.  Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
19.  Golfballs/Tees
20.  Manly Minky Blanket
manly minky blanket from minky couture for Father's Day
21.  Watch
22.  Car Wash Passes
23.  Tie
24.  Big Box of Favorite Protein Bars
25.  Kindle Touch Screen
26.  Tools
27.  Nike Free Runs
28.  iTunes Gift Card
29.  Smart Phone Projector

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