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Caramel Cashew Steamer

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Silk through their partnership with POPSUGAR.

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 caramel cashew steamer

I am such a sucker for hot drinks, especially in the Winter.  I love exploring my options beyond just hot cocoa.  You all know that I am health-concious and while I eat pretty healthy, I like to have my sweets and eat them too!  This is why I have decided to come up with this caramel cashew steamer, that is better for you than regular hot cocoa.

silk cashew milk

This steamer tastes great and I feel good drinking it.  It contains lots of calcium, is low in fat, and low in calories.  When I saw the new Silk® Cashewmilk in the grocery store the other day, I just knew I had to try it!  There are only 60 calories per serving and it contains only 2.5 grams of fat.  After coming home from the grocery store I took a drink of it and was surprised by how creamy and flavorful it was.  I even gave some to my little girls, who are not nut fans, and they liked it!  This will make it great in the future because one of my girls doesn’t drink milk and I worry about her not getting enough calcium.

caramel cashew steamer

4 ingredients caramel cashew steamer

Caramel Cashew Steamer

To make this caramel cashew steamer you only need 4 ingredients:

1 Cup Silk Original Cashewmilk, 1 T. caramel syrup, 1/4 tsp. vanilla, dash salt

Add all the ingredients into a mug or a cocoa maker machine.  If making in a mug, place in microwave for about 1 minute.  Once the steamer is hot, stir well.  If desired, add marshmallows and drizzle a little caramel syrup to top it off.

caramel cashew hot cocoa

Well there you have it, a tasty caramel cashew steamer that you can cuddle up with on a cold March day or take on the go with you.

Silk Original Cashewmilk: 60 cal/serv; skim dairy milk: 80 cal/serv. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 27. Data consistent with typical skim dairy milk.

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