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12 Disneyland Countdowns

12 Disneyland Countdowns

It’s that time again where my husband and I get the “bug” to head to California and take the girls with us.  Yep, we are going to Disneyland folks.  We went this same time last year and it was awesome!  You can read about why HERE.  The girls are very excited and they keep asking me every day, “How many more days until we go to Disneyland?”.  I am getting tired of explaining how long it really is so I decided to make a countdown calendar.  You can check it out HERE.  While I was at it, I found a lot of other fun ideas, so I have included below 12 Disneyland Countdowns.  If you are interested in making one for your family, check out these links:

Mickey Disney Countdown – The Hip Homemakers

Disneyland Countdown Chain – Or So She Says

Free Printable Disneyland Countdown – All for the Memories

DIY Countdown to Disney – Bombshell Bling

Disney Vacation Countdown – Mule n Nag Crafts

Disney Countdown Printable – Vermillion Rules

Counting Down to your Disney Vacation – David’s Vacation Club Rentals

Disney Countdown Chain – Reasons to Skip the Housework

Countdown to Disney – Whole Kit n Caboodle

Disneyland Vacation Countdowns – Etsy

DisneyWorld Paint Chip Countdown – Molding Minds

Easy Countdown to Disney Vacation – Reading Confetti

Disney Countdown – Barefoot in Paradise

We are really excited for our trip to Disneyland.  It is a great time of year to go and our kids have loved it in the past.  Disneyland countdowns really do help them understand how much time is left until we leave.  It also gets them really excited to meet the characters!!  If you are going on a trip soon, consider making the ideas above!

What did you think about the paint chip samples ideas?  Pretty genius, huh?  Take a trip to your local paint store and see if they have the Disney paint chips in for your countdown.




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