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Pina Colada Protein Ice Cream

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Mele Kalikimaka.  We all know that this means Merry Christmas in Hawaii.  I couldn’t think of a better salutation for all of you on this post today.  It is the middle of December and today I have a taste of tropical, which makes me a bit happy in this cold weather.  Since I am trying to be healthy during this holiday season, I made this Pina Colada Protein Ice Cream.

I have recently been using the ALOHA Premium Protein Powders in some of my drinks and foods.  As most of you know, I am pretty healthy concious when it comes to food and I particularly like including protein in each of my meals.  I have enjoyed using this all natural protein because of the many benefits it offers:

Made with whole foods naturally rich in nutrients
18 grams of plant-based protein
Made with superfood ingredients
Complete amino acid profile
Patented infrared drying process
No added chemical amino acids, vitamins, or minerals
No “natural” or artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or fillers. Ever

I love all of this nutritional information because sometimes since I love my protein, I feel like I am consuming too much of the artificial kind. It’s nice to know that I can get pure, natural, real protein in a quick drink with powder.

Since the holidays are among us and every now and then I really want something sweet, I have come up with a yummy ice cream recipe to make in my blender.  This healthy treat will satisfy my sweet tooth but not make me feel regretful afterwards!  Plus, it will make you feel as if you are sipping a colada on a Hawaiian beach!  (wishful thinking!)

Pina Colada Protein Ice Cream

2 C. coconut vanilla milk
2 bananas sliced and frozen
1 1/2 C. frozen pineapple chunks
1/2 t. coconut extract
1 packet Aloha vanilla protein powder

Add all ingredients in your high-speed power blender and mix until smooth.  You can serve immediately or place in freezer until it becomes a bit more firm.  Serves about 4 people.

This tastes so good that even my daughters love eating it!  You may wonder if this is safe for children.  The product was not necessarily formulated for children, but has gone under rigorous testing for contaminants.  I feel comfortable giving this to my children.

There are so many ways that you can add Aloha products to your every day foods.  Add it to water for your after-workout drink.  Add to a smoothie, your favorite pancake batter, or even nut butter.  

I love trying out new ways to cut out more and more processed foods from my diet and add naturally heathy food where I can.
If you are interested in trying out Aloha products for yourself you are able to sign up for a free trial HERE.  It is a 14 day free trial and after your trial you will have the benefit of being auto enrolled in their monthly subscription.  You can always opt out of the subscription before the 14 day trial period if you choose.
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