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ELF (cosmetic items) on my Shelf!

It is the time of year when we are seeing elves on shelves everywhere.  It gets me thinking of our little elf, Freddy, but it also gets me thinking of my favorite E.L.F. items.  E.L.F. Cosmetics are so great for certain make-up items.  I thought I would share with you today a few of my favorite E.L.F. items I have on my shelf this holiday season!

E.L.F. products are great for so many reasons.  I love how inexpensive they are.  For this reason, if I am looking to try a new color or tool E.L.F. products are perfect to try because I don’t feel like I am out any money if I dislike them.  Funny though, after I try them out I usually like the item and keep on buying it!  Here are 10 of my favorite E.L.F. items:
11 Piece Brush Set – I use many brushes from ELF and have been impressed with how they work and the selection they have.  This brush set gives you brushes that you will actually be using more than you think!
HD Studio Blush *for lipstick! –  I have raved about this stuff since trying it in the summer of this year.  This liquid blush makes the perfect lip stain ever!  I use the color DIVA and I apply it with a Qtip.  Don’t try applying it with your finger because it will never wash off, I promise!  This stuff stays on all day and it is so light that you barely feel like you are wearing anything!  A little goes a long way, so start out with a small amount.  It goes on as a matte, so if you want to add a little gloss on top go ahead, it looks great!
Endless Eyes Eyeshadow Palette –  I love experimenting with new eyeshadows, especially when the seasons change.  This is a great palette to try out, especially for the holidays!
14 Piece Nail Polish Cube –  You just can’t beat this deal!  You get 14 different colors to try out.  If you have little girls like me, they will love it too. (my little girls love doing one color on each finger!)
Eyelash Curler –  These are the only eyelash curlers I have ever used.  They work great for me and they are inexpensive and so are the refills for them.
Pout Perfecter Lips –  This lipstick is applied with a brush and is the perfect color/shimmer ratio for the holiday season.
Brow and Lash Clear Mascara –   You guys, my eyebrows can be soooooo crazy sometimes.  The hairs grow in like five different directions and sometimes it’s super-hard to get them to lay flat.  I used to use hair spray on them to keep them tamed but I started using this brow mascara and it works like a charm!
Powder Puffs –   I love applying a light powder to my eye area before I do any eye make-up.  I use these powder puffs to do it and they work great.
Make-Up Remover Cleansing Cloths –   Every night.  I have loved how easily these take off my eye make-up.  I also love how they have never caused me to break out and they don’t cause my eyes to burn.  I love how small in size the package is so that I can put it in my purse if I am staying the night somewhere or I know I will be home late so I can take my make-up off in the car on the way home! (I’m usually too tired to take off my make-up if I get home too late!)
HD Undereye Primer –   This is an item that I haven’t tried, but it is on my list of things to try.  I need a good undereye primer to put on before my concealer so that it will go on smooth and not cause any cracking.  
Try some of these items out and let me know what you think!
I wanna know, what are some of your favorite E.L.F. items?


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    I absolutely love their face primer and their brushes in general. The under eye primer that you mention I find is best to use AFTER I have set my make up just as a brightener under my eyes. I also like the color whip (perfect shimmer right above the brow) that they sell and their lip glosses that are around $1 perfect to have one at work, car, bathroom, living room.

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