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20 Learning Toys for Kids

 If you are anything like me you look at the mess of toys around your house and think to yourself, “We don’t need any more toys!”.  Although for Christmas my kids still write their list of toys and Santa usually brings what they want, I usually show them a few learning toys they can ask for as well.  I am sharing with you some of our favorite learning toys for kids.

I categorize the toys listed here “learning toys” for a few different reasons.  First of all, you won’t find any electronic toys here.  I have also chosen toys that challenge the child’s cognitive thinking, motor skills, organizational skills, or imaginative play.  The great thing about these toys is also that they are all very quiet!  You can take these places with you that require your kiddos to be busy but quiet!

Last year Santa brought us some good ones.  We had seen these at our local library and so one of our favorite things we got were these magnetic puzzles.  These are great for any age and our girls have loved playing with them and they have been great for thinking and motor skills.  It keeps them busy for a while sorting colors, matching letters, counting balls, etc.
Another fun thing my then two year old got was this Count the Keys Learning Kit.  Holy cow, it kept her busy for hours!  You can count them, organize them by color, organize them by size, put them on the rings… it was so great for her in fact she used these keys to actually learn how to unlock her bedroom door!  True story!

Here is the list I have put together:
1.  Magnetic Puzzles
2.  Count the Keys Learning Kit
3.  Smart Projector
4.  Gears! Gears! Gears!
5.  Learn to Play Piano
6.  See and Spell Learning Toy
7.  Itrax Critical Thinking Game
8.  Bob Books
9.  Brilliant Basics Stack and Roll Cups
10.  Alphabet Puzzle
11.  Legos
12.  Snap and Learn Shape Butterflies
13.  Who am I Match it
14.  Translucent Geometric Shapes
15.  Zig Zag Ball Run
16.  Abacus Classic Wooden Toy
17.  Magna-Tiles
18.  Garden Activity Cube
19.  Sort, Match, Attach Nuts and Bolts
20.  Alphabet Soup

We hope that you find all of these toys as fun and educational as we do!

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