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Why I am Doing the ‘Feel Great in 8’ Challenge

  The countdown is on!  The holidays are drawing near and that means parties, food, parties, and more food!  Did you know that the average person gains 7lbs over the holiday season?  Each holiday season I always try to make goals for myself to stay strong and motivated to not get ‘out of hand’ when it comes to those delicious holiday treats.  This year I am taking the Feel Great in 8 Challenge and would love to invite any of you to take it with me!

Two years ago my sisters and I decided to get in shape during the holiday season.  I lost 10lbs during the holidays that year and have been able to maintain it pretty good (see how HERE and check out my eBook HERE).  The last few months I have been slacking big time.  The yummy Fall foods are already tricking me into eating them! 

Anyways, this year I am totally pumped to try something new that I know will keep me focused.  I will be participating in a health/wellness challenge called Feel Great in 8 this month! The challenge includes aspects of physical, mental, and spiritual health and I am thrilled to be working on all aspects.  I have heard a lot about it but have never thought about trying it until now.  This 8 week challenge will help me stay focused on my goals while competing against other people that are taking the challenge too.  The best part about this all is the incentive: prize money!

Check it out HERE and see what you think about it.  I think it can be pretty fun if you get your workout buddies involved or your sisters or close friends.  You can all motivate each other and help one another through the holidays!

Let me know if you will be participating and we can help and inspire each other!

Sign up HERE
But remember, the last day to sign up is Tuesday November 4th at midnight!!

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