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“Little Fixes” to Extend the Life of Your Kids’ Clothing

It happens every season, going through the kids’ closets and putting them into piles of “keep” and “donate”.  We are lucky enough to get hand-me-downs from the girls’ cousins which helps us save money big time every year.  While this is always a blessing for us, sometimes there are clothes that have been passed down that are struggling!  While the quality of the clothing still remains, there may be a little hole or stain that needs to be fixed some how.

I have been looking through the eBook “Little Fixes” by the fabulous Ruffles and Stuff.  She has gotten creative and shares 54 ways to give clothing new life.  She categorizes the chapters by problems we face with the clothing such as: wrong size, stains and rips, out of season, or accessorize!  

I consider myself a basic sewer.  I only sew things that (a) don’t take long (b) are mostly straight-stitches.  This book shows you many simple techniques to help you fix the clothing.

One problem I always find with my girls is that they are much smaller than their cousins were at their age!  (my hubby and I don’t give them too much of a chance!)  The pants are always way too long, waistbands are too big, and all of their tights sag in the crotch area!  After seeing the idea in the book I have been turning their tights into knee highs!
This book gives great ideas to cover up stains.  I mean, come on, kids are going to get stains on their shirts!!  I love the idea of putting a cute image over the stain or a hole.  This is especially great now because I have a Cricut!
A few other things this book talks about is that you can make accessories out of old and battered clothing.  Scarves, headbands, arm or leg warmers, bows, beanies…
Little Fixes is definitely good to have, especially if you receive hand-me downs as well.  It is worth checking out.  You can get the book or eBook HERE – click over and it will let you peek inside the book!

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