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DIY Pocket Tee Tutorial

 Summer is over but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t sport around a pocket tee.  I have been having so much fun making these because not only are they easy to make, but also because the color and pattern combo is endless!  I have created a downloadable pattern for you to all use so you can make your own DIY pocket tees!

Do you have a favorite plain tee shirt that you buy?  I have a few different brands that I like.  I love the vintage fit v-neck tees from Old Navy.  I also like the Mossimo v-necks from Target.  I bought a few different colors to add pocket to.
What you need:
Plain tee shirt
Fat Quarter of fabric or old recycled tees
Sewing machine
Print out the pattern that I have provided for you HERE.  Cut out which size you prefer, the big or smaller.  Pin to fabric and cut out your pocket.  In this picture here I used jersey knit (an old shirt).  It is a little bit harder to work with because it’s stretchy and doesn’t stay put.  I have also made these pocket tees using calico fabrics and lace.
Once you have the fabric cut out, fold down the sides about 1/4″ and iron them down.  I fold the top of the pocket down first, then the two sides, then the bottoms that come to a point.  Pin onto the shirt with the sides folded in.

Sew around all four sides of the pocket.  This is a faux pocket so you will not be using it to put stuff it! 🙂

 One thing I like to add while stitching are two vertical stitches on the top corners pictured below:

It will help so that the top of the pocket doesn’t gap.

Hope you enjoy making your DIY pocket tee!  If you like this tutorial, you will LOVE this
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