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DIY Deer Silhouette Shirts

One of my favorite things around the holidays is to dress my girls up in fun, festive clothes.  This project will get you excited about dressing your kids up as well.  It’s amazing what a cute silhouette will do to a plain shirt.  These DIY deer silhouette shirts are so easy to make!

At the first of Fall, my whole family went up to Deer Valley, UT, an annual trip that we love.  My mom came up with the brilliant idea that she wanted “deer” shirts for all of the kids for our Deer Valley stay.  I was so excited she came up with this idea because not only did they wear these cute shirts, but we also snapped a Christmas card photo while they were wearing them – perfect!

When my mom first told me about this idea and asked me what stores would have deer shirts I stopped her and said, “We can make them ourselves so easily!”  So we found some plain, red sweatshirts at Old Navy and I went and got some Cricut Iron-On Vinyl, got my Cricut Explore going, and we had them made in no time!
What you need:

Blank Sweatshirt
Iron-on Vinyl (and iron)
Cricut Explore
Ribbon for the girl shirt
I have made this easy for all of you Cricut Explore users.  Just click on the following links and you will be directed to a screen where you can download these cute little deer.  Once you have them downloaded to your computer, then you can upload them into Design Space.  You can resize the deer to however big or small you need it to be.
Little Deer Buck
Little Deer Doe
After your vinyl is cut, and you have weeded out the excess vinyl, place your shirt on your ironing board and decide where you want your deer.  After placing your deer, put a thin piece of fabric (I use muslin or a thin dish town) on top of your deer and iron it until it has adhered to the shirt.
Pull the plastic away and check to make sure your deer is completely stuck to the shirt.  …And that’s it!
If you have a girl deer then just take whichever ribbon you chose and sew it onto one of the ears of your doe.
We have loved our deer silhouette shirts.  It hasn’t been cold enough for us to wear them a ton yet, but I know that once it cools down we will be wearing them a lot.  I may have to make me one now so I can match my girls!

The Cricut Explore has made projects so much easier for me.  Did you know that they now have a print then cut option?  Check it out HERE.

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    Hi there,
    I am in love with these. they will not allow me to open in design space. would it be possible to email these to me.
    I would really appreciate it. Emma xxxx


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