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Candy Corn Bunting {made from paper plates}

Halloween is drawing near and we are still making fun decorations over here!  This darling candy corn bunting is made from flimsy paper plates and happens to be one of my newest decorations!

I was asked to make a few buntings for the serving tables at our church Halloween party.  I browsed online for a little bit to get some inspiration.  I happened to come across the idea for the candy corn bunting HERE.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to make it!  So for the record, no, this wasn’t my original idea – but I wish I had thought of it myself!

I did do a few things different though.  I actually had a group of 10-11 year old girls helping me so I needed to see what was going to be the easiest way to make them with a bunch of girls.  Here is how we did them.
Buy your paper plates at the dollar store.  You will have the most luck finding these flimsy ones there and they are only $1 for a pack!  Make sure you buy some yellow and orange acrylic paint and some brushes.  I used the skinnier sponge brushes, easier to maneuver and get a decently straight edge.  Speaking of straight edges…don’t worry about making them perfect!  I promise, once the plate is cut into triangles, you won’t even notice any mistakes!
First, paint the outer edge yellow.  Take note that I painted the bottom side of the plate.  I felt like the banner hung well with it done this way.  I painted yellow up until the first ridge.
Second (pictured below), I took a circle (duck tape) and traced around it very, very lightly in the middle.  This gave the girls and me an idea of where to stop painting the orange and leave white.
Next, paint orange inside the yellow and stop on the line that you just traced.
Now let it sit until its completely dry.
 When it is dry you will cut it into eight pieces, like a pizza!
 Use a hole punch and cut two holes in the two top corners.

 To thread your jute through the holes, put the string through the hole from the front, around the back, and out the front.
I have mine hanging in my entry way on my mirror.
Okay so we have established that this candy corn bunting is great because:
(a) inexpensive to make
(b) takes 10 minutes
and now I am saying this:
(c) the paint makes it even more stiff than it already was so this is a great decoration to use year after year!
I have made a few other projects using dollar store paper plates.  Please take a look:

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