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Fun Finds on Higgle. What’s Higgle You Ask?

This is a sponsored post.  I have been  
compensated and or given free product to write about the company.
However, my opinion is always my honest opinion.
The past few days a lot of my free time has been taken up with browsing a website called Higgle.  Higgle offers a new way to shop which is basically like Priceline meets Pinterest meets eBay.  There are tons and tons of items
to shop where you name your price for the thing(s) you want, having control of the sale.
I decided to try out Higgle a few days ago so I created an account and started following a few categories of interest.  Immediately, I was drawn to the kid section and browsed through toys and clothes.  There were so many cute things but these leggings stood out for me.  How cute would they be on my girls?  I wanted them so I started a Higgle.
What does it mean to start a Higgle, you ask?  Starting a Higgle means that you basically start a bid, or, name your price.  Once you start a Higgle, other people can get involved too and name their price.  The seller can come back and counter offer, or a few days later, will tell you that you won the Higgle and it will then ship to you.  Pttsss: shipping is always free!
You can start as many Higgles as you would like and you can join in on Higgles that others have started too. 
These are just a few of the things that I have been eyeing on Higgle.
They have everything from bags, lamps, necklaces, fragrances, backpacks, workout gear, sunglasses, pillows, and more.
I really like their Active Lifestyle Category.
Higgle has a wide range of other categories, just to name a few: kids & babies, jewelry, fashion, home, vintage, geek, health & beauty, art & design…
You can also check out their ‘trending page to see what Higgles have been popular.

Higgle is definitely worth checking out, something there for everyone.  Visit to see what it’s all about and to set up a profile.  You can also start following people or join groups.  
Follow them on social media:
Twitter: @higgle
Instagram: @higgle
Maybe I will see you on Higgle!  If you would like to follow me you can find me HERE!

Happy Higgles!


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