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Fresh Peach Smoothie (with protein) + How to Freeze Fresh Peaches

Peach season is coming to a close and I am a little sad about it!  I have been eating them left and right whether they are eaten plain or thrown into a delicious Peach Pie or this Fresh Peach Smoothie (with protein).  I have a recipe to share with you along with how I freeze peaches to get me through the Winter.

First of all, I like to freeze the rest of my peaches before they go bad.  I use them in my smoothies, which are delicious.  To freeze them here is what I do:
(1) Peel and cut up peaches into slices.
(2) Spread out onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet
(3) Flash freeze over night or for a good 6-8 hours
(4) Take off of cookie sheet and store in a freezer-safe ziplock bag.

Step number 3 is important.  If you have never flash froze anything before, basically it freezes the slices so that they won’t freeze together into a big clump.  When you use the frozen peaches they will come out in singles rather than a group.

Now here is the Fresh Peach Smoothie I use with my frozen peaches.  If you know me well, you know that I do not like to drink empty calories.  For this reason, I have added protein!
Fresh Peach Smoothie (with protein)

10 slices frozen fresh peaches
1/2 cup vanilla greek yogurt
1/2 cup orange juice
(I use Simply Orange)
1/2 cup water 
1/2 frozen banana
(I freeze bananas the same way)
1 T. honey

Put all ingredients together into high-speed blender and blend until smooth.
Makes a Mason Jar cup full for one!

I like to add a few more small chunks of peach to mine so that I can chew some in my bites!
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