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Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Games and Printables

You Guys.  I am sorta freaking out that I will be sending my daughter to Kindergarten in just a few weeks!  We have been prepping all summer by doing worksheets, learning site words, etc.  I’ve come up with a few
learning games for both my kindergartener and my preschooler and I want to share some of them with you.  Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Games:
This game is great for not only Pre-K but also for the younger grades.  It is an Alphabet Adventure game where the kids have to roam around your house, classroom, or outdoors and find items that start with each letter of the alphabet.  Once they find a word that starts with a letter, they cross it off.  I like to give my girls a clip board with a pencil tied to it with a string, and wouldn’t it be cute to give them a magnifying glass so they feel really legit?!

You can find this free download along with 3 other learning activity downloads below including: shapes, counting, and colors.

Click HERE for the Alphabet Adventure Game and HERE for the Instructions
Click HERE for Shape Hunt
 There are shapes all around us whether we are looking at the TV, dishes in our cupboards, decorations around our house, or in our toy bin.  This activity is great for your preschooler to recognize shapes in their every day life.  Also, you can have your child trace the shapes once they find them.

 Click HERE for Counting in Your Home
I love this activity when my kids say, “I’m board”.  This will keep them busy for a while as they go around the house and count how many of each item they can find.
Click HERE for Colors
We live in a colorful world and it’s so great that young kids can recognize colors.  You can have them wander about the house finding each color, or outside, or even while reading them a picture book.

Be sure to check out a roundup of Preschool and Kindergarten learning activities on the blog tomorrow!  Lots of great ideas!


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    So cute Kami! Hannah will love these! We do the letter and color game, but I don’t have a cute printable to cross off. That makes it way more fun! Thanks so much for sharing!

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