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July 1, 2014

DIY 4th of July Shirts (using ribbon)

 The 4th of July is here and I could not be more excited, it is my favorite holiday!  One of the reasons why I love it so much is because it is so much fun to dress in red, white, and blue, and show our pride in our country.  I love finding cute outfits
for my girls, and especially like when I have time to make them myself.  I am sharing with you some DIY 4th of July shirts using ribbon.

When I make shirts for holidays I don't love spending a lot of money because obviously they won't be wearing them very much.  I have found that Walmart has wonderful tops.  I paid $3 for both of the girls' tanks.  *Bonus, their skirts were found at Walmart as well for only $5.  Hurry, before they're gone! If you happen to miss out, HERE is an easy 3-step skirt you can make yourself.

The Firework Shirt
Basically for this all you do is find 6-8 different trims and ribbons.  I used lace, ric-rac, curly ribbon, and straight ribbon.  I started out by cutting each ribbon to the desired length.  Next, I took a lighter and singed all the edges to prevent them from fraying.  I then laid them out on the shirt how I wanted them and then pinned.  Last step, SEW!  It's as easy as that! (note: I didn't sew the entire length of the ribbon, just the first inch or so {in the center of the firework} so that they would kind of fall and look more like a firework).

The Flag Shirt
There were lots of ways I had in my mind to make a flag shirt.  I decided to go with a very simple flag.  All I did was cut some red and white polkadot ribbon for the stripes.  I sewed them onto the shirt with a zig-zag stitch.  Next, I cut some curly blue ribbon and laid them over top of one another then just sewed in the center...
My girls absolutely love their 4th of July ribbon shirts.  I am so excited for them to wear them to the all of the fun festivities!

If you like this tutorial and want some more easy and quick sewing projects, click below:


Tastes Better From Scratch said...

This is the CUTEST idea, and soo simple!!! Thanks! Pinned!

Allison Miller said...

These are darling! What a cute idea! Pinned.

Amber Brady said...

Super cute! Pinned!

kaylynnczy said...

DARLING and so simple! Genius!

Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama said...

Those shirts are adorable!!

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