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Project Kenya: Asande House

I was approached by a girl who is interning for a non-profit group called Project Kenya: Asande House.  She shared the story with me and asked if I would be willing to share information about the organization.  I read up on it around Mother’s Day and as a mother, I was inspired and would love to share about it with you today.

“Rosefina Royce had no idea that one day she would become a mother to 32 children. Project Kenya: The Asande House began only 12 years ago. Founder and Kenyan, Rosefina Royce, started building a Kenyan dream home in Kitale to one day retire. However, while in the process of building, orphan after orphan came to the home, asking for food and a place to stay.

She and her sister decided to convert the unfinished home into an orphanage. She’s given up her personal life to work 3 jobs and support the 32 orphans on her own. Recently, a nonprofit, was launched to help support the orphanage. 100% of all donations go to support the orphans as the organization is completely volunteer-based.
Because of the efforts of sponsors, each child of the Asande House now has food, clothing, a place to live, and is attending school. You can read more about who the children are and how they got to the orphanage on their website. Each child’s story is remarkable. Take a look”

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