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DIY Felt Lollipops

 Okay so my daughter is in love with lillipops and any kind of sucker, really.  I thought up a no-sew tutorial to make felt lollipops for pretend play.  In my girls’ play kitchen we have felt cupcakes, sugar cookies,
chocolate chip cookies; and as of today – Felt Lollipops!  I am sharing the tutorial with you today.
I thought I would add Felt Lollipops to their collection because my daughter, Olivia, is obsessed with suckers and lollipops!  She literally asks me if she can have one at least 5 times a day!  I thought I would start handing her these felt ones instead to save us trips to the dentist!  Haha!

Here is what you need to make them:
(per 1 lollipop)
One lollipop stick
2 sheets of felt (different colors)
Good fabric scissors
Hot glue
Stabilizer (if desired)

First you will need to trace 2 circles onto your base lollipop color.  I traced a drinking glass.
 You will have two circles.  
Now is the time to decided whether or not you want to put stabilizer onto your felt.  The benefit of doing this is that it makes the lollipop a little more stiff so that it holds its form better.  If you choose not to, it won’t make a huge difference.  (I did only because I already had it on hand)
Next, you will want to trace two more circles on the “swirly” color of your lollipop.  Once you have the circles cut out, start cutting into them and swirl all the way around.
After that you will simply hot glue the swirl onto your bases.  *note:  you will not use the whole swirl.  You will cut most of the larger part off into a point.
Take your stick and sandwich the end between the two sides and hot glue around the edge of the circle.
That’s it!  You’re done!
How cute would it be if the Easter Bunny put these Felt Lollipops in Easter Baskets this year?


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