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7 Day Challenge Download – {Meal Plan and Workouts}

I get tons of e-mails from people asking me questions about my nutrition and fitness.  Read all about it HERE before you read any further.  I have created a 7 day meal plan to show you examples of what I eat every day.  I have also included a complete grocery list and some of my favorite workouts that you can follow.

I am so passionate about the way I’ve lost weight and built muscle.  I went from 30% body fat to 15% body fat in just a few months, and have maintained it and even lost more to now have a body fat percentage of 12%.  This way of eating and working out has become a part of my daily routine.  I believe this is a healthy and permanent way to shed inches and fat rather than a quick and temporary way.

I get so many questions about it and people asking me, “Can you just tell me exactly what you eat, when you eat, and your favorite workouts?”.  Some people don’t know where to start.  I absolutely love getting e-mails and hearing that so many people have shown such an interest in what I have been doing.  Therefore, I have spent weeks coming up with some of my favorite recipes just for you!
I have created a 7-day meal plan.  It is all laid out for you with a detailed grocery list, each meal with recipes listed, and times I eat them.  I also included some interval cardio I do every day and a weight routine (for all levels).  ALL THE HARD WORK IS DONE FOR YOU!  This is a 23 page PDF file that I will e-mail you and you will have it right on your own computer!

I am challenging you to take one week and follow this plan 100% for 7 days to see how you feel.  It may be hard at first but I promise you that you will feel awesome after a week and will want to continue what you started!  Here are just a few delicious and satisfying recipes that are in this plan:

    • Egg and Turkey Breakfast Sammy, Balsamic Chicken Sandwich, Mini Chicken Pizzas, Strawberry Ice Cream, Smoothie, Quinoa and Chicken Bowl, Chicken Quesadillas, Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, Protein Pancakes, Southwestern Burrito and more!

**There are over 15 real food recipes!!  Real meals, -no yucky diet foods here!

This 7-day meal/fitness plan is only $5.50
It will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours to the address listed on your PayPal.

Instead of spending $5.50 today on your lunch at a drive-thru window, buy this meal plan and change your life.  You may not know how or where to start, but my hope is that after a week of eating right and training right, you will feel amazing and will be inspired to keep going. Take the challenge!  I would love to follow along with you on social media!  Use the hashtag #sweetcharlichallenge

Good Luck!


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    So excited to get the plan!! I need some new recipes and motivation to loose the rest of my baby weight! Thanks Kami for doing this!!

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    I’ve been following your meal plan and I can’t believe how much good carbs are in it! Most meal plans I’ve done tell you to avoid all of these carbs. If I can look as good as you and eat like this, then I’m so on board! Love this!

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    Great idea on how to share your knowledge/experiences AND earn a little money for your time and effort. Thanks for sharing, I’m excited to check it out!


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