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DYI Denim Shorts from Recycled Jeans

A few days ago I welcomed Spring by saying, “Peace Out” to my old, bootleg jeans that I have been holding onto for years and said “Hello” to my new, upcycled shorts.  I have never actually DIY’d denim
shorts from recycled jeans before now so I thought I’d give it a try.
I decided it was time to Spring Clean my closet.  You guys, it was a disaster!  It feels so good to clean out and make room for new, spring clothes.  I packed all the winter clothes away and put them out of sight, out of mind so that when it comes time to wear them again, they will seem new.  I am sooooo sick of them!
I have had two of my most favorite jeans sitting in my closet since 2007.  Yes, I said it, 7 years!  I haven’t worn them for probably 2 years now because I have fully been converted to skinny jeans and just never wear anything else.  Plus, I am no fashion guru but bootlegged jeans…so 2007??  I really love these pants still because they fit me perfect up top and why send pants away when they still fit you, right?

I have been needing some new denim shorts for the warm weather and cannot bring myself to buy any good-quality jean shorts.  So I pulled out these knock-off Citizens and my Big Stars and simply folded them in half, cut where I wanted the desired length to be, then sewed a zig-zag stich around the bottom to stop any fraying that will occur.
And that’s it!  You can make yourself some denim shorts from your old, recycled jeans too!  It literally took me 20 minutes to transform two pairs of pants into 2 new pair of shorts!
Hang onto them jeans people!  I am so glad I did!


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