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Marshmallow Pops

I recently went on Studio 5, a local lifestyle show, and did a segment on Marshmallow Pops.  See the segment below.
If you are not a marshmallow lover, then chances are these are not for you because the majority of marshmallow sticks are well, marshmallows!  However, these are super fun and cute to have sitting out on a treat table.  There are many fun ways that you can embellish marshmallows to make them colorful and cute.  I happen to love marshmallows, especially when covered in chocolate or frosting.  Can we say, sugar coma?

You can also consider the flavor of marshmallows used for your marshmallow sticks.  Have you ever had a home made marshmallow?  They are yummy!  There are a variety in flavors that you can make.  I, myself have never made my own marshmallows, FYI.  
I am sure you have noticed around the holidays that there are many different shapes and sizes and colors of marshmallows.  Around Christmas they have snowmen and Christmas Trees.  Valentines Day gives you heart marshmallows.  Easter, well, where do I begin?  You have bunnies, chicks, eggs, and don’t forget about Peeps, they count too!  You can find Jumbo Marshmallows, rainbow twisted, etc.  There are tons out there.  If you see any fun and unique marshmallows, stock up on them.  You can store marshmallows for a long time before they go bad.
Keeping Marshmallows from Sticking:
Guess what?  While preparing this segment I learned a tip for keeping your marshmallows fresh.  You know how sometimes you go to get marshmallows out of your pantry about a week or two after you opening the package and they are all stuck together?  Well next time after you open the package and you are going to put them away, add a little Cornstarch or Powdered Sugar to the bag and toss the marshmallows with it.  This makes the marshmallows’ outsides powdery again and prevents sticking!  🙂
These Marshmallow sticks can make great little favors/gifts.  Kids will go crazy over these.  In fact, my girls couldn’t keep their hands off of them before the segment was filmed!  Put a little bag or cellophane over the top and tie with a cute bow.  Give them out at your next party for favors.  Tie one to the top of your child’s friend’s birthday gift.  It’s a fun little added accessory to any party!


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    I made them today and that’s what I found, too the chocolate isn’t nelray as much as you’d think from the picture. However, I think if it were that much, I might not like them as well. I also probably went too light on the graham crackers, but did get the crust to hold together, though the texture was almost fudgy with graham crumbs throughout.

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