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Fruity Pebbles Fried Ice Cream – Spring Treat

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I was in Walgreens the other day walking down the cereal aisle and the Fruity Pebbles were jumping out at me.  The first thing that came to my mind was, “What yummy treat could I make with those?  They are so Springy and Easter-y!”  I grabbed a box and
later in the week, Fruity Pebbles Fried Ice Cream was born!

This recipe was recently featured on – a great way to eat cereal for dessert…without a bowl!


I have always loved topping my ice cream with Fruity Pebbles and thought I would put a different spin on it.  Fried Ice Cream is a state fair tradition but I wanted to bring it closer to home.
Fruity Pebbles Fried Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream
Post Fruity Pebbles
(can be made with Honey Bunches of Oats too!)
The day before serving
Take your vanilla ice cream out of the freezer and let thaw about 10 minutes.
While waiting for it to thaw, pour out about 3 cups of Fruity Pebbles into a shallow bowl and begin to crush with the bottom of a drinking glass.  You will want to crush your cereal so that it is still course, not too fine.
Wash your hands with very cold water then scoop some vanilla ice cream out and being shaping into a ball.  I shaped mine into about 3-4 inch balls.
(you could do smaller balls and make ice cream pops).
Roll the ice cream ball into your Fruity Pebbles cereal and then place in a parchment paper lined pan.  Repeat until you have the desired amount of balls and place into the freezer immediately.
Leave the Fruity Pebbles balls in the freezer for at least a day, until they are very hard.
When ready to serve, pour enough oil in frying pan to cover ice cream balls.  Heat to 375 degrees and fry each ball one at a time for 3-5 seconds.  Always use caution when deep frying.  Top with honey, whipped cream, or strawberry sauce.  Serve immediately.
This Fruity Pebbles Fried Ice Cream recipe is the perfect treat to serve at your Easter party!  These would also be great for birthdays!  The recipe is so easy to make and they are so colorful, fun, and delicious!  My girls were in heaven eating these for dessert.
Happy Frying!



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