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Why We Love Our Minky Couture Blankets

It was quiet time at our house the other day and I glanced over at my girls.  They were sitting there quietly, involved in Finding Nemo, each one snuggled up in their Minky Couture Blankets.  It was the perfect opportunity for me to snap a picture with my phone and explain to you all why we love our Minky Couture blankets so much!

We have 6 Minky Couture’s in our home.  Livi has an infant blanket that she has had since birth and cannot go without.  She also has a mini Minky that she uses for her babies.  Charli has a tween blanket that graces her bed each night.  My hubby and I have one on our bed.  The couch upstairs has one.  The couch downstairs has one.  I think it’s safe to say that every room in our home has one now and that’s good because I get cold really easy and my hubby likes to keep the house too cool!
Here are a few reasons why we love our Minky Couture blankets:
#1.  Oh, the softness.  These blankets are so heavenly!  They are super soft! 
#2.  Cute & Stylish.  There is a print out there for everyone!  Have you seen the variety they have?  Girls, boys, teens, neutral…check them out HERE.
#3.  Sizes.  Minky couture has a range of sizes to choose from.  My favorite: the Monster Minky!  There are mini Minky’s for little babies to snuggle up with at night.  They also have infant, tween, and adult sizes.
#4.  Washing them is a sinch.  Minky Couture blankets wash up really well.  The one thing you need to remember when washing them is DO NOT use softener.  But otherwise, wash them like normal; they will remain soft and fluffy!
#5.  Sales!  Minky Couture has sales often.  They will always e-mail you discount codes that you can use online or in store.  Make sure to sign up to be on their e-mail list.
#6.  Handmade.  Yes, all blankets are handmade by some wonderful sewers here, in the USA!
#7.  Custom.  I love the option of being able to custom make your blanket!  You can choose which print you want on the top, which print you want for the bottom, and you can even decide which satin you would like ruffled around the sides; or no ruffle at all!  This way you can make it to match your personality.
#8.  Minky Couture blankets make great gifts.  Whether someone is sick, just moved into a new home, is new to this world, or just for fun; these blankets make great gifts.
Most of all, we love our Minky Couture blankets because when we are wrapped up in one, it means we are relaxing!  It’s so much fun for all of us to be snuggled up in our blankets together!



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