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Healthy Tip of the Week: Freezing Spinach

I have a secret love for spinach, although, why should it be a secret?  I am touching today on the fact that you can freeze spinach, then add it to your smoothies!  But first lets look at some of the benefits that spinach has to offer:
  • Low in calories, high in vitamins
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Versatile; can be eaten raw or cooked
  • Helps the brain as it ages
  • Great for your eyes
  • Heart healthy
  • It is easy to hide in certain foods so your kids won’t notice!  No, for reals!
I try to put spinach in my meals whenever I can.  I add spinach to my eggs in the morning.  Use it as a salad.  Place it on my sandwiches.  And I LOVE to freeze it and put it in my smoothies!

Sure, I have used fresh spinach in my smoothies and it’s just fine.  The reason I have started to freeze my spinach is because it adds an extra “icy” consistency and I feel it blends up better when its frozen.  I like to buy my organic spinach at Costco in a huge box, this is another reason why I freeze half, because it doesn’t go bad.

Here is the healthy tip of the week: Freezing Spinach
 Like I mentioned earlier, I hide spinach in my girls’ food all the time!  This is the only way I can get veggies in their diet.  We have smoothies at our house every day.  I put spinach in them every time.  See the smoothie recipe I made in this video HERE

I also like to hide spinach in sauces.  When I make lasagna and spaghetti, I puree a few handfuls of spinach in my NINJA, then add it to the bottle of sauce.  They have no idea!

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