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Hair Bow Organization – Smart Tip of the Week

You guys!!  I am so excited to share this Hair Bow Organization tip with you all.  Hair bows have been out of control in my home since 2009 and I don’t know what took me so long to figure this out!  I have tried the framed ribbon organization trick and that worked but not for too long.  It soon became too small for my bows and to be honest, I didn’t like having it out in the open, it started to look too junky.  Here’s a little video for ya…
I went to the store in search of just an ordinary over-the-door jewelry organizer.  When I came across this awesome dress silhouette organizer my jaw dropped.  How perfect is this for the little girls in your life?!!  I immediately bought it and brought it home to organize all of our bows.

Prior to this purchase, my bows were all sitting in an old Easter basket sitting inside of our bathroom cabinet.  Every time I was doing my girls’ hair I had to hunt for the bow(s) I was looking for and it became exhausting and time-wasting.  Plus, it seemed we lost a lot of bows and having them all piled in a basket was hard for me to see which bows were missing, and which bows had a matching pair.

I love the idea of having them hanging on the door because you can see all of them at once.  I clip each bow to the pockets on this hair bow organizer and the bows that don’t have clips on them, or have the snapping clips, I put them directly inside of the pockets.  Also, if your girls have any necklaces they go perfectly around the top of the hanger!
Where do you currently keep your girls’ hair bows?  Are they on a frame?  In a drawer?  Or maybe you have already jumped on this idea?  Let me know!


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