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Victoria’s Secret PINK Knockoff Tee Under $10

You mean you have never seen a model in a Victoria’s Secret catalog reading some random book on her Mother’s couch?!  Haha!  Yes, this is definitely one for the books and this is my version of a VS Catalog Ad!

How do you all like my new PINK shirt?  I love the VS PINK line, but sometimes it’s a bit hard for me to pay up to $40 for a tee.  I made this knockoff for under $10!!

I found the black and white baseball tee at Michael’s one day.  It was on sale for $6 and I love baseball tees so I bought it.  After a few times of wearing it I thought, “Hey, I should make this into a PINK shirt” so I did!

What you need:
Any tee will work
Fabric Paint
Freezer Paper
Stencils (mine were home-made)
Sponge (uhummm. I used a dish sponge)

Follow the directions according to the picture below:
(1) Get shirt (2) Stencil.  Okay, I made my own.  I got on my computer and found a font that looked like a college tee font and printed out the letters on card stock.  Then I traced the letters onto Freezer paper, on the side that is not shiny. (3) I then cut out the letters using an exacto knife, making sure not to cut anywhere outside of the letters. (4)  Iron the freezer paper onto your shirt where you desire the print to go, shiny side down (5) With your sponge, dab the paint onto your shirt making sure to cover the whole letter by overlapping onto your freezer paper.  You want the letters to look worn out so just make sure you aren’t dabbing too much paint on.  (6) Let dry a few minutes, but not completely, before you remove the paper.
Think of the possibilities!!  Now, go find a fun plain shirt to make your own!


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