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DIY Gift Box Using a Paper Plate!

Remember how I made gift boxes from toilet paper rolls HERE?  Well, here is another DIY gift box you can make for next to nothing $ !!
What you need:
Paper plates, the flimsy kind (I get mine from the dollar store)
Paint or markers to decorate the outside of your box
Hot glue
Ribbon if desired
I decorated most of mine with acrylic paint.  You can use markers, have your kids color their own, etc.

These boxes are the perfect way to wrap up a girlfriend gift!
(scarf, bracelet, lip gloss)

Add your garden goods in them!
(if adding food that may saturate the plate >i.e. berries, you may want to decorate your plate with food coloring and a Q-tip for safe coloring)

Take baked goods to a neighbor!
(or just buy Lofthouse cookies like I did for this picture!  LOL)
I think its safe to say I got carried away making these!

Here is my TV segment talking about these and my paper plate garland:


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