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February 4, 2013

Cover Cardboard Heart Cut-Outs!

 This week on Sweet Charli, I am sharing with you some heart projects for Valentine's Day.  I'm calling this week "Home Heart Attack Week"!  Here is a little video to show how I made hearts from a cardboard box.

Brief instructions on how to make these are mentioned in the video above.

Crepe Paper Heart
Make this for under $1
FYI:  You'll probably want to use this method on a small heart, it takes a little time!  Just put on your favorite show while doing it!

Fabric Covered Heart
rip your fabric into strips and wrap around your heart.

Newspaper Heart
Make for basically FREE!
It's just a matter of ripping up newspaper and mod-poding it on!

Give your home a Heart-Attack!
For more heart projects, like the ones you see in the video, tune in to Sweet Charli every day this week! 

**Special thanks to my amazing sis who filmed and edited this video!


Amanda Thorpe said...

Love it Kam! You are so adorable and I absolutely love your creative ideas. I hope you do more cute videos, I know everyone else will love them too.

Agatha Gaeta said...

Love the hearts and so easy!!!

Kari said...

Darling video!! I got to see those hearts in person at your house today :) Yay for an easy project that even I can do. Thanks!!

Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

Thanks Amanda! I love doing videos mainly because ever since I was little I wanted to have my own talk show!!

Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

Haha yes, you did get to see these! Very easy for sure!

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