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January 16, 2013

Crinkly Valentine's Day Wreath - made from Ikea Ofelia Blanket

Valentines Day is knocking at your door.  Literally!

I made this wreath from the Ikea Ofelia Blanket, it's only $19.99.  See all the reasons why I love it so much HERE.

To make your 'big' heart-shaped wreath form, click HERE.
I first dyed this blanket with RIT dye.  I was going for a deep red, but this is the beautiful color I got!  The blanket is 80% polyester, so if you are going for a deep, dark color, you probably won't get it!  I am glad it turned this color though because it's pink and it's happy!

Here is a close-up of how stinking cute the material is:
Now, I must tell you that I only used about 1/3 of my blanket!!  You can make some other fun things with the rest of it.

I cut 6" wide strips from the blanket and then just wrapped them around the wreath until I made it completely around.  I hot-glued every now and then to keep the material in place.  I love the gingham bow to finish it off!

Fall INLOVE with it when you're all through!

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