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December 31, 2012

A Happy Video For You. Happy New Year!

Although this might be cheesy and happy and fun, don't let it fool you.  It was 20 degrees outside and we are not snow people!  I mean, my husband and I don't even own snow pants!  LOL!
We wanted to build a snowman, but apparently you can't build one with pure powder.  :(
My talented sister filmed and edited this and I wanted to share.

Happy New Year!

December 28, 2012

5 Most Popular Projects of 2012

I checked the stats of 2012 on the blog and here were your favorites:

This project went viral on Pinterest within 2 days of being posted on the blog.  It's received three times as many views in 3 months than any other project I have ever posted!

This was one of my personal favorites!  Once I started thinking of things I could make from Paint Sticks, the ideas just kept on coming, and coming, and coming!

I enjoyed doing Re-Fashion Week on my blog this year.  Lace is so easy to make over any shirt!

I never thought there would be so many ways to make burlap table runners!

This is another one of my favorites this year.  I wear my sweater{s} all the time and I take pride in knowing that I spent less than $20 making my own!

December 27, 2012

Love What I'm Seeing on VeryJane

I'm looking forward to Spring!  Yes, yes, I know, Christmas just barely ended!  I love updating my house with fresh, new accessories for Spring and you will too after seeing these adorable pillow covers that are only $12.95 right now on

Here are the ones I have been eyeing:
If you've ever bought pillow covers, you know that $12.95 is a great deal for these.  Oh yeah, they have 28 different choices!!  HERE

 I have been procrastinating hanging up my new family photos in my house.  I obviously love these frames and feel that they are a great deal, only $5.99!  These will look great on a gallery wall!  3 styles are available HERE

You know I am obsessed with stacking bracelets!!  Anytime I see some for a great deal I am giddy!  Check them out HERE

December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Have a wonderful Christmas, from my family to yours.  I hope we can all remember the true meaning of this wonderful, fun-filled holiday.  I am so grateful for Christ and the light that He is and has been in my life.

December 22, 2012

Williams-Sonoma Inspired Stocking. DIY for $1.

 As I was browsing through the WILLIAMS-SONOMA Christmas Catalog this year, I immediately spotted this darling stocking and loved it!  And then, it reminded me of the $0.79 Ikea dish towel HERE.  So, my friend was headed to Ikea a few days later, and I had her pick me up some dish towels (Thanks Linds!).  

Here is what I did:
I made two small stockings out of one towel, then one big stocking out of one towel.  I paid $1.60 for two towels and got three stockings.  But before I began, I tea-dyed these towels.  I bought the tea from the dollar store.  Word to the wise:  if you aren't a tea drinker and plan on tea-dying something, buy it a the dollar store!!  Here is what the package {of black tea} looks like that I bought:
 If you have never tea-dyed anything before (this was my first time), there are great directions HERE.
I just did mine in a big pot on the stove.

After the tea-dying process is complete, I began to cut out my stocking pattern(s).  I just drew my own on some paper then cut around it.  Make sure to leave about an inch extra for the inseam.

On these smaller ones I made, I folded the ends of the two towels together because I wanted the stripes to be close together.  I then sewed down the seam and then added buttons with hot glue so it looks like the front is buttoned-up.
**Make sure the right sides are together when you stitch around your stocking!!
Add a few of your kitchen tools and hang the stockings from your cabinets!

Now for the bigger stocking...
 **Tie a few cookie cutters to the top for a little added CUTENESS!

December 21, 2012

Merry 'Kiss'mas! Yummy Treat{s}

 I've wanted to make these for Christmas for a few years now. . . just got around to it!  
These are just Rice Krispie's Treats.
Make the treats according to Rice Krispie's directions and let cool down quite a bit.  Next, you will pack the treats into a funnel, whichever size you desire and then let cool a little more before wrapping tinfoil around each one..

Here are some other treats I made for the neighbors.
3 ingredient Peanut Butter Fudge found HERE
Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites found HERE

December 20, 2012

The Neighbor Gift.

Home made bread always makes a great gift, especially when it's wrapped up cute like these ideas I found.
Diabetic Living

Scrapbooks Etc.

The Twinery

My visiting teaching companion and I gave a loaf of Kneaders Bread (a yummy bakery where I live) and attached a tag that said,
"If you 'Knead' anything, please let us know"
and then we put our names and numbers on there also.
This was our first time visit teaching with our newly assigned people, so it was a great way to introduce ourselves.

You could also do this with new neighbors that move into your neighborhood.

December 19, 2012

The Teacher Gift.

You should all know by now that I am in love with Caldrea's home cleaner line, especially their counter top spray.  Read about it HERE.

I decided to give this spray out to Charli's teachers this year.  I have to thank my sis for helping me out with the saying that goes along with it, super-cute!

The Friend Gift & Neighbor Treat...coming right up!  (stay tuned)

*And for all those visiting today from Stuido 5's highlight on my Felt Christmas Trees, see the tutorial HERE.

December 18, 2012

Catalog Inspiration - Looking Beyond What's For Sale

I always love getting home catalogs in the mail, especially around the holidays and the upcoming change in seasons.  Such great products for sale, but whats even better is the inspiration that comes from these catalogs for design & decorating!  Whether you can find great ideas on how to decorate, or other items that you can try DIY'n, you will find yourself starting to look beyond the item(s) for sale.

Take this Pottery Barn Kids Christmas Catalog Page for example.
The items for sale here are the stockings.
 I was immediately drawn to how this mantle was decorated.  And here were my thoughts:
#1.  Love the lit-up snowflakes hanging on any mirror
#2.   These letters look awfully familiar (HERE), I could DIY my own to look like the letters in this 'PEACE' with a little metallic paint!
#3.  Love these trees!  It looks like these could easily be made from cardboard and a little glitter paint!

Now here is another Pottery Barn Kids Catalog page that I saw this past Spring and was inspired as I was decorating Olivia's bedroom.
The item for sale here is the dresser.
 Here were my thoughts on how they decorated the dresser:
 #1.  Birdcage, of course!  Olivia's bedding has birds on it and you can find birdcages anywhere these days!
#2.  Free Standing bird.  I already have it!
#3.  Books.  The LOCAL THRIFT STORE is calling my name!!

And here is the picture I snapped of the results of this Pottery Barn inspiration for Olivia's room...
* I found my bird house at a yard sale this past summer for $1.  It was a forest green but I just spray painted it pink.
* I got my books at my local thrift store called Deseret Industries.  They all had paper covers on them.  MAKE sure if you are looking for books like this to look underneath the paper covers because you will always find awesome colors!
* I got my cute bird at Tai-Pan Trading for $3!

Now here is a page out of West Elm's Christmas Catalog
I love this living room picture.
 #1.  I love the mono-toned vases on a lower shelf.  I always wonder how to decorate lower shelves on tables.  This would be easy.
#2.  These tree ornaments!!  Love these!  I could DIY these in no time!

I am loving this Christmas page in the recent Williams-Sonoma Catalog!
In this picture, the stocking, the glasses, and ingredients for the hot chocolate are for sale.
 #1.  I am making this stocking for sure!  I love it!  BTW, you can find the tutorial later this week!  This stocking is for sale at Williams-Sonoma for $39.95, I am making mine for $2!!!
#2.  This ornament garland!  Can you believe how simple and cheap this would be to make?  This adds the perfect touch!
#3.  Hot chocolate bar.  I love this idea.  They have hot chocolate, peppermint sticks, marshmallows...Yum!  You could add different flavors of hot chocolate along with whipping cream, etc.

Remember the felt Christmas trees I made HERE that I said were Pottery Barn inspired?  Here is the picture out of their catalog that I received my inspiration from:
#1.  These darling trees are the first thing that caught my eye when I looked at this picture.  Of course they weren't for sale so I thought I'd make them for about $1.50 a tree.
#2.  How cute do these flowers look on this garland??  They look like tissue paper flowers like the ones I made HERE.  This look would be so easy to make yourself!

Those are just a few examples that I have looked at recently.  If you were inspired by this post, you may want to sign up to receive some catalogs!  If you are like me and can't afford most (if not all) of the items from the places listed here, it's okay...just look beyond what's for sale!
Some of my favorite catalogs to browse through are: Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, Ikea...

I would love to know...
What are some of your favorite catalogs to look at?

December 14, 2012

Pottery Barn Inspired 3D Felt Christmas Trees

As I was browsing through my Pottery Barn Kids catalog a few weeks ago, I saw these darling trees sitting on the mantle of their Christmas Stocking page.  These weren't for sale, but they jumped out at me and I wanted them!  So...what do you do?  Make them yourself!  They are really easy and I made these for about $1.50 a tree.  Heck, I didn't even have to go to the store because I already had everything I needed already..all to make my own 3D felt Christmas trees!

December 12, 2012

Spreading some Christmas Cheer!

Since my last post wasn't so 'cheery', I thought I would spread some Christmas cheer today.  First of all, thanks so much for all of your kind comments when I was being a little Debbie Downer.  I don't usually blog or Facebook about my frustrations but now you know I am a normal person that has down days every now and then.  Your comments made me feel much better and I appreciate you taking the time to leave them!  It's not very often I get comments anymore, but when I do, it always brings a smile to my face!  ;)

Anyways, moving on.  Here are some pictures of how my halls are decked this Christmas!

Since I don't have a fire place, here is how our stockings are hung all in a row...
Here is what's sitting on my cafe shelves:

Sofa table...


And the window above my front door that I haven't cleaned in a while!!

Hope that spreads a little cheer!  I will be spreading some more cheer with you in the next few days with a special story of hope that you will not want to miss!  :)
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