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October 30, 2012

Pin the Nose on the Skeleton

 A few weeks ago we had a little party for the kids and their cousins.  We played lots of fun games, this is one that I was in charge of.
It was super cheap and easy to make.  I just went to the dollar store and picked up a black poster board and a white poster board (2/$1).  I free-handed the skeleton on the white poster board which was easy because you can't really mess it up.  I just copied a picture of one.  I glued it onto the black poster board.  Then I cut off the bottom of the black poster board and cut out noses from that for the kids to pin on.  They loved this game and it only cost me $1 to make!  The best thing is that I can use it again next year.  I could probably laminate it too!

October 29, 2012

Spiderweb Cookies

Spiderweb Chocolate Waffle Cookies
{ with vanilla glaze }

 My very first Halloween being married I made these yummy waffle cookies; they just reminded me of Halloween.  Ever since, I have been making these cookies every year and after I make them I think to myself, "I need to make these more than once a year, they're too good!" (and cute!)

Cookie Ingredients:

 1 cup melted butter
1 1/2 cups white sugar
12 tablespoons cocoa
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 1/2 cups flour
4 eggs, beaten
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt

Mix all ingredients together, spray waffle iron with Pam.  Place 1 heaping tablespoon of dough on each square in the waffle iron.  Cook for 60 seconds, medium heat until cooked through.  Cookies will be fragile when removing from the waffle iron so carefully take them out with a fork.  Overcooking can cause cookies to be hard.  Makes about 3 doz.

Vanilla Glaze Ingredients:

2 cups powdered sugar
4 tablespoons milk
1 teaspoon vanilla

Mix ingredients together until smooth.  Dip top of cookies in glaze and let set.  If making these for Halloween, set a spider ring on the top of the cookies while glaze is still wet.  Store in air tight container to keep soft.

I cut the ring part of my spiders off because I wanted them to lay flat.  If I was making these for kids, I would have left the ring on to make it fun for them!
Charli helped me put all of the spiders on and she thought it was so much fun!

October 28, 2012

Love These Accessories!!

I am loving these accessories that I just spotted over at!  Remember how I made those fingerless gloves that one time?  Well, look at these, you can buy them for only $5.99!  They would be soooo warm and I love the variety in colors they have!  These are just $5.99 HERE.

I think that this necklace is gorgeous and perfect for the holidays!  How pretty would this be paired with a black top?  It's only $11.99 HERE.

And check out these Anthro-Inspired Chevron Rings!  These come in so many fun colors and are only $6.99 HERE.

If you want to get a head start on your Christmas shopping, any of these accessories would make the perfect gift for your girlfriends! :)

October 26, 2012

DIY Paper Mache Decor

Paper Mache is the word of the day!  I love how you can make paper mache items look like weathered wood.  I made the following two projects 6 years ago.  It was my first Halloween of being married and I had no Halloween decorations to my name.  I decided to make a lot of what I didn't have.  So here ya go:

Halloween Canisters
These are so fun to make.  You will need the following items:

2 Paper Mache Cylinders (similar to what you see HERE)
2 Decorative Papers
Wooden Balls (HERE)
First, paint your cylinders.  You don't have to paint the whole thing, just the lids, and the bottoms.  After the paint has dried, modpodge the paper to your cylinder.  Let Dry.  Sand all edges of your cylinder.  Paint the balls and stick tulle through the tops then glue to the lid of your canister.  That's it!
I made these for Christmas that same year and put treats in them to give to my neighbors.  They turned out so cute, I may have to make them again this year!
Like I said, I made these years ago and there are so many new, darling, Halloween scrapbook papers now!  I would love to do vintage Halloween paper canisters!

"Boo" Faux Wood Letters
Here is what you'll need:

Paper Mache Letters (like HERE)
Black Paint
Orange Paint (I used like a peachy-orange)
Circle Stencil (I made one on my computer on cardstock)
Sponge Brush

First, paint all your letters, front and back.  Wait for it to dry.  Next, you will put your stencil on the front of your letters and sponge the polka-dots on, one by one.  Wait for everything to completely dry.  Then you will lightly sand the edges, and also sand the front of the letters a bit to make them look like worn out wood!  That's all!

See these projects on my cafe shelves...

 Linked up:
See Vanessa Craft

October 25, 2012

Halloween Decor - in my home

Here are some more decorations I have up in my home.  Some of them are old, some are new...

Kitchen Island
 Moon & Star Candle Pot - Tai Pan Trading (years ago)
Flower Wreath (underneath pot) - Home Made HERE
Eat Drink and Be Scary Printable - HERE 
Frame - Dollar Store 
Front Porch
 Trick or Treat Sign - Home Made
Yellow Chair - From Grandma
Witch - Real Deals (years ago)

Mirror in Dining Area
 You know I love banners!  I think I have 5 in my house right now hanging up!
I made this banner with burlap, polka dot fabric, sear sucker fabric, and orange fabric.  I just hot glued them to jute!

Sofa Table
Wooden Ghost & Witch - Local Boutique (years ago)
Fall Sprigs - This is actually a wreath.  I just bunched up the sprigs to the top and tied tulle around them.
Burlap Table Runner - Home Made HERE

So...I woke up to snow this morning and am a little unimpressed!  Winter is not my thing!  To think we have 6 months ahead of this yucky stuff is a little sad!  I will have to think of some Winter projects to take my mind off it!

October 24, 2012

Halloween Cafe Shelves - in my home.

As I've mentioned before: I LOVE MY CAFE SHELVES!  I had my bro-in-law make them for me after seeing them on House of Smiths.  These are in my entry way, and I have designated them to be for my seasonal decor.  Here's what I've done with them for Halloween.
Halloween Canisters: home made
Halloween Subway Art:
Spooky Gauze Material: the dollar store
Crow: the dollar store
Banner: home made
BOO letters: home made
Framed Material.

I will be including more detailed explanations on some of the home made items later!

October 23, 2012

BeJeweled Spiders

Last weekend, we spent time with my family up in the beautiful Deer Valley, UT.  We do this every Fall and enjoy the beautiful Fall leaves, crisp air, and the company of my parents, siblings, nieces & nephews, and grandparents.  The girls did a Halloween craft this year and it was so much fun!  I found this idea over at Restless Risa, go check out her different varieties, they are so cute!

My grandma gave me a huge, huge box of all of her old jewelry a few years back.  The box is filled with tons of old broaches, necklaces, earrings, and jewels.  These spiders are made of her old broaches!  Check out one of my other projects made from her broaches HERE.

October 21, 2012


I just want to take a minute to tell all of you thanks! Thanks so much for your kind emails and comments.  I love blogging and sharing with you all my ideas and sharing with you my hobbies.  I just got another kind email from a reader that absolutely made my day! And for all of you who start out your emails with, "random question", those are my favorite emails!! I try to respond to every email I get because I want you all to know how much I appreciate hearing from you, it makes everything worth it!  Thanks for reading my blog and making me feel like you like what I do, it makes me feel super-cool! Now I must go, my husband and girls are telling me they have a birthday surprise for me! (I'm 27 today, ahhhh!) Have a great day, I am going to eat a box full of cupcakes because today is my birthday, and calories don't count! Chow! ...I will be!

October 19, 2012

Crochet table cloth to shirt!

I spotted this awesome refashion tutorial and immediately ran to my local thrift store and bought me a $3 crochet table cloth!  This is a great way to make those snug shirts you have fit a little looser!  Plus, I love the look!  Check out the tutorial on Trash to Couture! When I get around to doing this with one of my shirts, I will show you! (but to be honest, I'm a little sewed out right now from refashion week!)

October 17, 2012

Denim Skirt Refashion

I forgot to share with you one of my favorite refashioned projects last week during REfashion Week.  I refashioned this skirt about 2 years ago, and I got the pattern over at Brassy Apple.  I love this idea!  First of all, I had to add some inches to the bottom of this denim skirt because it was a little too short (should I be embarrassed to say that I've had this skirt since my sophomore year of High School?).  Then, I used Brassy Apple's pattern to add some color and pattern to the skirt.  This is a great way to spruce up that old, denim skirt that I know has been in your closet for years (like me)!  
See the original post HERE.

October 16, 2012

5 'beautiful ways' to reuse an empty pill container!

I am loving this!  My sister came up with 5 ways to reuse an empty pill container!  This is so ironic because just last week as I was throwing one of these away I thought to myself, "Hmmm....what could I use this for?"
I love this idea with the Bobby Pins.  I need to do this and put them in my purse because it seems like I am always needing bobby pins while I am out and about.  Be sure to go check out all the rest of her ideas, they are genius!  You may want to go follow her blog as well because she is always giving great beauty tips and tricks.  She is a Master Esthetician.
Go see the rest HERE

October 15, 2012

Very Jane + Giveaway!!

I would like to introduce you to an awesome sponsor of Sweet Charli,
VeryJane is like Groupon/Living Social for boutique goodies. Each day they have new deals and you can get them delivered right to your inbox! The site was founded in 2011 and already has a very active and fun community. You can stay up to date on new deals via email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram! 

The reason why I love VeryJane so much is because there is something there for everyone.  The variety of products they sale is wide, but seems to always have something that intrigues me!  I am always anxious to see what darling things VeryJane has everyday and what great deals they will offer.  Here are some fun things being sold right now:

...And speaking of necklaces, TWO LUCKY READERS will win one of these darling bubble necklaces!  We all know that no one can have enough bubble necklaces this season!
 This giveaway will go from now until Saturday, October 20th at Midnight.  I will contact the winners via e-mail.  Here is how to enter:

October 12, 2012

Had lots of fun with you this week sharing some of my latest refashioned projects.  Here are some of my favorite refashioned items from the past that you can check out if you haven't already.  These will all be awesome to make for Fall/Winter:

Refashion old sweaters into boot socks, ear warmers, wrist warmers...
This is the most repinned project from my blog!

Love that you can make hand/wrist warmers out of socks!  See all the varieties!

Make a darling sweater dress for your little girl from an old adult sized sweater!

This vintage apron would be the perfect Christmas gift this year!  Learn how to make it out of a pillowcase!

And thanks to the TWO people who linked up to my REfashion Week Linky Party!  Hee hee, it may or may not have been a total flop!  But those who did link up had really cute REfashioned projects!  Check them out:

Change a plain t-shirt into a printed tee!
check it out at The Good Life

Look what you can do to a tight fitting can turn it into a cardigan without even sewing!
Check it out at Sugar Bee Crafts
 Thanks for tuning in to REfashion Week!  Have a wonderful weekend!  :)

October 11, 2012

1 item to make your shirts slightly larger, LACE!

Hold on to those snug fitting shirts girls!!
 So, I've had this shirt for years. I never wore it very much because it is meant to fit loose, but on me it fit a little snug.  So...I decided to make it slightly larger.
All you need it LACE!
(this tutorial isn't very easy to explain through pictures, and it doesn't help that my camera absolutely stinks!  If you have any questions just e-mail me!)
 blurry picture above, sorry!

Here's another one of my tight shirts that I decided to add lace to:

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