Williams-Sonoma Inspired Stocking. DIY for $1.

 As I was browsing through the WILLIAMS-SONOMA Christmas Catalog this year, I immediately spotted this darling stocking and loved it!  And then, it reminded me of the $0.79 Ikea dish towel HERE.  So, my friend was headed to Ikea a few days later, and I had her pick me up some dish towels (Thanks Linds!).  

Here is what I did:
I made two small stockings out of one towel, then one big stocking out of one towel.  I paid $1.60 for two towels and got three stockings.  But before I began, I tea-dyed these towels.  I bought the tea from the dollar store.  Word to the wise:  if you aren’t a tea drinker and plan on tea-dying something, buy it a the dollar store!!  Here is what the package {of black tea} looks like that I bought:
 If you have never tea-dyed anything before (this was my first time), there are great directions HERE.
I just did mine in a big pot on the stove.
After the tea-dying process is complete, I began to cut out my stocking pattern(s).  I just drew my own on some paper then cut around it.  Make sure to leave about an inch extra for the inseam.

On these smaller ones I made, I folded the ends of the two towels together because I wanted the stripes to be close together.  I then sewed down the seam and then added buttons with hot glue so it looks like the front is buttoned-up.
**Make sure the right sides are together when you stitch around your stocking!!
Add a few of your kitchen tools and hang the stockings from your cabinets!

Now for the bigger stocking…
 **Tie a few cookie cutters to the top for a little added CUTENESS!


  1. What a great idea!! I will definitely be trying this!! Merry Christmas!

  2. Super cute!! Love your blog!! I’ll have to remember to make these next year!!!!

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