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December 14, 2012

Pottery Barn Inspired 3D Felt Christmas Trees

As I was browsing through my Pottery Barn Kids catalog a few weeks ago, I saw these darling trees sitting on the mantle of their Christmas Stocking page.  These weren't for sale, but they jumped out at me and I wanted them!  So...what do you do?  Make them yourself!  They are really easy and I made these for about $1.50 a tree.  Heck, I didn't even have to go to the store because I already had everything I needed already..all to make my own 3D felt Christmas trees!
You will need:
Felt (two 9x12 sheets per color)
Chopsticks (I bought mine at Dollar Tree)
Empty thread spindle (or the wooden ones you can buy at the craft store)
Sewing Machine
Glue (preferably hot glue or fabric glue)

First you will need to make a tree stencil out of paper.  It should look something like you see below.  Make sure that it is symmetrical!  Trace three trees onto your felt and cut out.

Next, you will want to stitch on the tree in thread of a different color so that the pattern stands out.  You will just be free-stitching a pattern similar to the one you see here.  Do this on all three of your felt tree cut outs.

Then you will glue your trees together so they become 3D.  I started out using a version of Elmer's glue.  It didn't dry how I had hoped so then I used hot glue instead.  Put glue around the lining of your tree.  Make sure to leave about a half inch at the bottom where you will insert the stick in the end.

Stick on your second piece of felt on top, but only glue one side of it.  Fold the other side over

Then you will stick your third piece on top of that one and glue.  Make sense??

After that you will hot glue a chopstick into your tree at the desired height and then hot glue the bottom of your chopstick into the center of an empty thread spindle that is wrapped in jute.

And that is all, my friends!  I am in love with these!


Angie said...

i LOVE these! Thanks for sharing:)

Shane and McKenzee said...

I was hoping you would post these!!! So cute. I love them. Thanks for the fun idea.

Sarah said...

These are so cute! Thanks for sharing.

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