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December 3, 2012

Holiday Dollar Store *Gem

A few weeks ago I picked up some of my new "Dollar Store Staples"!  I make a weekly trip to Dollar Tree every Tuesday.  They get their shipment in where I live on Mondays, and I always love to see what awesome things they get.

What I found this time is something they always have but I hadn't noticed until now.  These are plastic clothes lines.  They are found in the laundry/house keeping aisle of Dollar Tree.  I am so in love!!  First of all, check it get 70 FEET of this awesome stuff for $1!!  It is basically like a bigger version of bakers twine, which I love.  You can cut it with scissors too!
The reason why I'm so excited about these clothes lines is because there is so much you can do with them!  And even though I am going to be showing you ways to use them for the holidays, there are so many ways of using it for anytime of the year!  They come in many different colors.  

Here are some ways I've used this around my house in my Christmas decor:
 Another awesome thing about this twine is that you can unravel it and it's curly!  And if you unravel it even's like rafia!  So much fun!!
Make sure you pick some up next time you're there because if you don't think you will ever use it, I promise, you will think of a way eventually!

And while you are at Dollar Tree, you may want to see if they still have these peppermint striped straws in stock still.  Check it out...these are made of durable plastic, you get 8 to a package, and they are only $1!!  How cute would these be packaged up with hot chocolate for a neighbor's gift??
Or maybe stick them on a big marshmallow and use it as a hot chocolate stirrer, like you see here:
I love Dollar Tree!


Laier said...

I love the dollar tree!!!!!! I saw those straws and I walked past.. now that you added your idea I'm going back for them!

Laier said...
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Laier said...
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Tausha said...

I had no idea that our dollar store got a new shipment every Monday! I also love the straw idea. Guess I have to go again tomorrow.

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