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November 9, 2012

being real has been fun!

It's been so much fun to see so many people willing to participate in the Instagram #beingrealisfun Challenge.  There have been some funny and honest pictures, which I love!  I feel like we can all relate to each other!  If you have not yet taken the challenge, see all the details HERE.  I got to do a live Skype interview with Brooke & Darin from Studio 5 today, and have jumped on the bandwagon with this challenge and I loved seeing their pictures.  Here is the interview. (BTW, it was my first time using Skype and I thought I was going to mess something up!  1 minute before going live we had a technical difficulty and they couldn't see me!  Luckily, we figured it out seconds before the segment started!)

1 comment:

Clint and Sheri said...

Kami you are SO cute! I can't believe that you are like famous! haha so cool, doesn't surprise me though!

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