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November 6, 2012

Because everyone has a good mouse story...

Everyone has a good mouse story.  If you don't have one, consider yourself LUCKY!  I don't have projects to blog about today, mostly because Monday, the day I was supposed to do a project I've been thinking up, I spent my day cleaning, dejunking, and sanitizing my house.  ...All thanks to a little, disgusting mouse.

Here is a story for you.  I am sharing it mostly because I really want you to leave a comment and share your mouse/mice experiences with me so that I don't feel so alone!  First of all, you have to know that I hate mice more than anything.  I would rather have 100 spiders in my house than mice!  2nd of all, we really haven't had to ever deal with mice except for this one other time that I don't want to talk about.  Third of all, our house isn't even a year old and for some reason I was thinking new houses were mouse-proof!

It was early Monday morning, 2am to be exact.  My husband had gotten up to go to the bathroom, and I was still fast asleep.  I felt a tapping on my shoulder and I woke up to my husband's panic voice saying, "Kami, there's a mouse in the bathtub".  WHAT??  I thought he was like sleep walking or something because it just didn't register that a mouse would be in our house first of all, and second of all in our tub, the place where I sit every night for relaxation, comfort, and cleansing myself!  EWWW!  Anyways, after two or three times of him convincing me that he was for reals, I sat there with him as we tried to think up our plan of attack.  Well, his plan of attack.  I would remain on our bed until that diseased little mouse was caught.  He remembered that there were two mouse traps in our garage that we had not yet opened so he went out to get them and I was in charge of watching the bathroom door (as I remained on the bed).  

We were pretty sure that the mouse was stuck in the tub because we have a deep tub, and it was probably too slippery for the mouse to run up (but how and why was he in the tub?)  The only thing we needed to figure out is how to catch it, and the thing about that is, I am a total wimp, and my husband may or may not be as well!  (don't tell him I said that!)

He baited the two mouse traps and with our BBQ tongs slowly placed the first trap baited with cheese down into the tub.  The mouse didn't move!  Then he took the second trap baited with peanut butter and slowly put it down and SNAP! the trap went off!  The mouse went crazy and so did we.  My husband shut the door and we put a pillow at the bottom in case the mouse got out.  

Shoot!  We didn't know what to do at this point.  We didn't know if the mouse was still in the tub, if it had gotten out...and we didn't dare open the door to see because we were afraid the mouse would come running out.  (I have not left the bed still).

After about 10 minutes of sitting there, trying to listen, my husband cracked the door open to see if the mouse was still in the tub and it was.  It was eating the peanut butter off of the trap that was no longer set.  It's probably 3am by now.  My husband was taking pictures through the crack of the door with his phone and I did not want to see them.  The last image I want to have in my mind while I'm laying in the tub is a mouse in our tub, right by my body.  

The mouse started walking around again and for some reason my husband just kept watching it!  His plan was to reach back down in the tub and grab the other trap that had cheese on it and put peanut butter on it instead, that seems to work better.  But right as he walked into the bathroom, the mouse jumped on top of one of our jets in the tub and then jumped again as if he was jumping out of the tub.  My husband shut the door again and we blocked it with the pillow!  We are such nerds!

We didn't know what to do because by this time is was almost 4am and we had a mouse possibly running lose in our master bathroom and closet. (our bathroom and closet are together) this meant that my husband would have to go in there to get ready for work in the morning with a mouse running loose!  We started watching TV because neither one of us could sleep and pretty soon I woke up at 6:45!  We both fell asleep!  We both hoped that the mouse was still in the tub.  My husband opened the door to see and guess what?  The mouse was in the tub still!  Jordan was and hour late for work at this point and he had to get that mouse before he left (those were my orders).  He called his brother to ask him for advice and he came over to help.

I stayed out in the kitchen.  I basically was in my kitchen all day cleaning out my cabinets, getting rid of opened packages. etc.  Good news is that I didn't find any mouse droppings!!  This could mean that the only mouse in our house was the one in our tub.  So, the boys got an ice cream bucket, and put it over the mouse.  My bro-in law made it look like it was no big deal!  Then they got a piece of cardboard and put it under the bucket so that now the mouse was trapped.  I was so scared that it was going to get loose in our house and then we'd never see it again!  But nope, they took the mouse outside and put it in a garbage sack, then they beat it to death with a shoe!  Ewww!  I'm officially grossed out again now that I am writing this all down!

Anyways, that's my mouse story.  I spent all day cleaning and I am officially haunted to ever take a bath in my tub again!  I know, I'm a baby.  I can't tell you how many times I cleaned, sanitized, and sanitized that tub over and over again, but I'm still not ready to get in it!

Please share your mice experiences with me so I know I'm not alone, I would greatly appreciate it!  :)

As for now, I will be walking on egg shells around this place!


Sandy said...

I would have done the same thing!! We live out on 4 acres out in the country, and lately we have been catching a lot of mice, but outside only, thank goodness. There were a couple in our garage, but the traps got them before they could get into the house. With 5 cats, though, I think they would catch it before my husband could!

Samantha Minny said...

We had a cat...a cat called Cat...Cat liked to catch mice and bring them into the house...and then lose them.
We have had to go mousing with Cat countless times.

One night, Cat brought a mouse in and lost it. We didn't think much of it, they normally turn up anyway. However, the next day, I was making supper when the fridge began to squeak at me.
So my dad moves the fridge to find the mouse...and it's babies it had given birth to.
We then rescued the babies, but lost the mother. Unfortunately the babies died because the mother never returned.
We packed our whole house a few days later as we were moving country. We still never found the mouse. Weird.

So that's my mouse story.

Pyper said...

I totally got a kick out of reading your story! hehe I have a funny mouse story as well.
It was a while back, I was still in school (JR high maybe) and living at home of corse. I was sleeping in my room in the basement, when I woke up to a strange scratching noise behind the table by my bed? My first thought that it was a huge spider or something (i can't do spiders). So I went and woke up my Dad to come kill it. But when we moved the table there was nothing there. You could still hear the scratching noise though... After a while my dad had figured out that the noise was coming from INSIDE the wall. He cute a hole in the sheet rock, and there were 2 baby mice! They had got in through the dryer vent thingy! Soo gross :/

Emily Meyerhoffer said...

I am so proud of you for having enough nerve to share your mouse story. I was afraid that if I shared mine nobody would ever come over to our house. I still can't think about it. Mice are THE WORST!!

Good luck, you will feel safe soon! (although just like you and your bathtub, I'm still a little weary to use our oven!)

Kari said...

Ha ha LOVED reading and picturing all of this happening. You guys are SO funny!!! Be reassured new houses are NOT mouse proof, and that a fellow neighbor- Us - had a mouse within our first year here too, under our oven. A mouse trapped worked! And we've never seen another again :)I think I might take one mouse over 100 spiders though... ha ha ha. I don't know, that's a tough one.

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